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ContactPrismElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp File Reference

Implementation of the contact prism element. More...

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struct  MoFEM::VolumeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreOnContactPrismSideSwitch< SWITCH >
 Volume side finite element with switches. More...
struct  MoFEM::ContactPrismElementForcesAndSourcesCore
 ContactPrism finite elementUser is implementing own operator at Gauss points level, by own class derived from ContactPrismElementForcesAndSourcesCoreL::UserDataOperator. Arbitrary number of operator added pushing instances to rowOpPtrVector and rowColOpPtrVector. More...
struct  MoFEM::ContactPrismElementForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator
 default operator for Contact Prism element More...


 implementation of Data Operators for Forces and Sources

Detailed Description

Implementation of the contact prism element.

These elements are used to enforce contact constraints in the interface between two solids.

Definition in file ContactPrismElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.