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CoordSysMultiIndices.hpp File Reference

Coordinate systems attached to DOFs. More...

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struct  MoFEM::CoordSys
 Structure for Coordinate system of two-point tensorScientific computing applications deal in physical quantities expressed as tensors: scalars such as temperature, vectors such as velocity, and second-order tensors such as stress. In practice, these are formally tensor fields: a tensor field assigns a tensor to each point in a mathematical space (typically a Euclidean space or manifold). More...


 implementation of Data Operators for Forces and Sources


typedef multi_index_container< boost::shared_ptr< CoordSys >, indexed_by< ordered_unique< tag< Meshset_mi_tag >, member< CoordSys, EntityHandle, &CoordSys::meshSet > >, ordered_unique< tag< CoordSysName_mi_tag >, const_mem_fun< CoordSys, boost::string_ref, &CoordSys::getNameRef > > > > MoFEM::CoordSys_multiIndex

Detailed Description

Coordinate systems attached to DOFs.

Definition in file CoordSysMultiIndices.hpp.