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NitscheMethod.hpp File Reference

Basic implementation of Nitsche method. More...

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struct  NitscheMethod
 Basic implementation of Nitsche's method. More...
struct  NitscheMethod::MyFace
struct  NitscheMethod::BlockData
 Block data for Nitsche method. More...
struct  NitscheMethod::CommonData
 Common data shared between finite element operators. More...
struct  NitscheMethod::CommonData::MultiIndexData
struct  NitscheMethod::OpGetFaceData
 Get integration pts data on face. More...
struct  NitscheMethod::MyVolumeFE
 Definition of volume element. More...
struct  NitscheMethod::OpBasicCommon
 Basic operated shared between all Nitsche operators. More...
struct  NitscheMethod::OpCommon
 Calculate jacobian and variation of tractions. More...
struct  NitscheMethod::OpLhsNormal
 Calculate Nitsche method terms on left hand side. More...
struct  NitscheMethod::OpRhsNormal
 Calculate Nitsche method terms on right hand side. More...


template<typename T >
NumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndexreturnNumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex (T &fes)
NumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndexreturnNumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex< NumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex > (NumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex &fes)
NumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndexreturnNumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex< boost::shared_ptr< NumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex > > (boost::shared_ptr< NumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex > &fes)

Detailed Description

Basic implementation of Nitsche method.

This is quite an old implementation, kept here for compatibility with older users modules. Currently, MoFEM has a generic implementation for integration over the skeleton, and that one should be used, instead one presented below.

Definition in file NitscheMethod.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ returnNumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex()

template<typename T >
NumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex & returnNumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex ( T fes)

Definition at line 33 of file NitscheMethod.hpp.

33 {
34 return fes;

◆ returnNumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex< boost::shared_ptr< NumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex > >()

Definition at line 45 of file NitscheMethod.hpp.

48 {
49 return *fes;

◆ returnNumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex< NumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex >()

Definition at line 38 of file NitscheMethod.hpp.

40 {
41 return fes;