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Types. More...

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 implementation of Data Operators for Forces and Sources


typedef int MoFEM::Types::DofIdx
 Index of DOF. More...
typedef int MoFEM::Types::MoFEMDofIdx
 Index of DOF using mofem native index. More...
typedef int MoFEM::Types::PetscLocalDofIdx
 Index of DOF using local petsc index. More...
typedef int MoFEM::Types::PetscGlobalDofIdx
 Index of DOF using global pets index. More...
typedef int MoFEM::Types::FEIdx
 Index of the element. More...
typedef int MoFEM::Types::EntIdx
 Index of DOF on the entity. More...
typedef int MoFEM::Types::EntPart
 Partition owning entity. More...
typedef double MoFEM::Types::FieldData
 Field data type. More...
typedef int MoFEM::Types::ApproximationOrder
 Approximation on the entity. More...
typedef int MoFEM::Types::FieldCoefficientsNumber
 Number of field coefficients. More...
typedef uint128_t MoFEM::Types::UId
 Unique Id. More...
typedef int MoFEM::Types::ShortId
 Unique Id in the field. More...
typedef std::bitset< BITREFEDGES_SIZEMoFEM::Types::BitRefEdges
typedef std::bitset< BITREFLEVEL_SIZEMoFEM::Types::BitRefLevel
 Bit structure attached to each entity identifying to what mesh entity is attached. More...
typedef std::bitset< BITFIELDID_SIZEMoFEM::Types::BitFieldId
 Field Id. More...
typedef std::bitset< BITFEID_SIZEMoFEM::Types::BitFEId
 Finite element Id. More...
typedef std::bitset< BITPROBLEMID_SIZEMoFEM::Types::BitProblemId
 Problem Id. More...
typedef std::bitset< BITINTERFACEUID_SIZEMoFEM::Types::BitIntefaceId
typedef std::bitset< 32 > MoFEM::Types::CubitBCType
typedef std::vector< int, std::allocator< int > > MoFEM::Types::IntAllocator
typedef std::vector< double, std::allocator< double > > MoFEM::Types::DoubleAllocator
typedef std::vector< std::complex< double >, std::allocator< std::complex< double > > > MoFEM::Types::ComplexDoubleAllocator
typedef ublas::vector< int, IntAllocator > MoFEM::Types::VectorInt
typedef ublas::vector< double, DoubleAllocator > MoFEM::Types::VectorDouble
typedef ublas::matrix< int, ublas::row_major, IntAllocator > MoFEM::Types::MatrixInt
typedef ublas::matrix< double, ublas::row_major, DoubleAllocator > MoFEM::Types::MatrixDouble
typedef ublas::vector< std::complex< double >, ComplexDoubleAllocator > MoFEM::Types::VectorComplexDouble
typedef ublas::matrix< std::complex< double >, ublas::row_major, ComplexDoubleAllocator > MoFEM::Types::MatrixComplexDouble
template<typename T , size_t N>
using MoFEM::Types::VectorBoundedArray = ublas::vector< T, ublas::bounded_array< T, N > >
typedef VectorBoundedArray< int, 3 > MoFEM::Types::VectorInt3
typedef VectorBoundedArray< int, 4 > MoFEM::Types::VectorInt4
typedef VectorBoundedArray< int, 5 > MoFEM::Types::VectorInt5
typedef VectorBoundedArray< int, 6 > MoFEM::Types::VectorInt6
typedef VectorBoundedArray< int, 9 > MoFEM::Types::VectorInt9
typedef VectorBoundedArray< double, 3 > MoFEM::Types::VectorDouble3
typedef VectorBoundedArray< double, 4 > MoFEM::Types::VectorDouble4
typedef VectorBoundedArray< double, 5 > MoFEM::Types::VectorDouble5
typedef VectorBoundedArray< double, 6 > MoFEM::Types::VectorDouble6
typedef VectorBoundedArray< double, 9 > MoFEM::Types::VectorDouble9
typedef VectorBoundedArray< double, 12 > MoFEM::Types::VectorDouble12
template<typename T , size_t N>
using MoFEM::Types::MatrixBoundedArray = ublas::matrix< T, ublas::row_major, ublas::bounded_array< T, N > >
typedef MatrixBoundedArray< double, 9 > MoFEM::Types::MatrixDouble3by3
typedef MatrixBoundedArray< std::complex< double >, 9 > MoFEM::Types::MatrixComplexDouble3by3
template<typename T >
using MoFEM::Types::VectorShallowArrayAdaptor = ublas::vector< T, ublas::shallow_array_adaptor< T > >
typedef VectorShallowArrayAdaptor< doubleMoFEM::Types::VectorAdaptor
typedef VectorShallowArrayAdaptor< int > MoFEM::Types::VectorIntAdaptor
template<typename T >
using MoFEM::Types::MatrixShallowArrayAdaptor = ublas::matrix< double, ublas::row_major, ublas::shallow_array_adaptor< double > >
typedef MatrixShallowArrayAdaptor< doubleMoFEM::Types::MatrixAdaptor
 Matrix adaptor. More...

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