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VolumeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp File Reference

Volume element. More...

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struct  MoFEM::VolumeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase
 Volume finite element baseUser is implementing own operator at Gauss point level, by class derived from VolumeElementForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator. Arbitrary number of operator can be added by pushing objects to OpPtrVector. More...
struct  MoFEM::VolumeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator
 default operator for TET element More...
struct  MoFEM::VolumeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreSwitch< SWITCH >
 Volume finite element with switches. More...


 implementation of Data Operators for Forces and Sources


using MoFEM::VolumeElementForcesAndSourcesCore = VolumeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreSwitch< 0 >
 Volume finite element default. More...

Detailed Description

Volume element.

Those element are inherited by user to implement specific implementation of particular problem.

Definition in file VolumeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.