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cblas_icamax.c File Reference
#include "cblas.h"
#include "cblas_f77.h"

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#define F77_N   N
#define F77_incX   incX


CBLAS_INDEX cblas_icamax (const int N, const void *X, const int incX)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ F77_incX

#define F77_incX   incX

◆ F77_N

#define F77_N   N

Function Documentation

◆ cblas_icamax()

CBLAS_INDEX cblas_icamax ( const int  N,
const void *  X,
const int  incX 

Definition at line 12 of file cblas_icamax.c.

13 {
14  int iamax;
15 #ifdef F77_INT
16  F77_INT F77_N=N, F77_incX=incX;
17 #else
18  #define F77_N N
19  #define F77_incX incX
20 #endif
21  F77_icamax_sub( &F77_N, X, &F77_incX, &iamax);
22  return iamax ? iamax-1 : 0;
23 }
#define F77_N
#define F77_incX
void F77_icamax_sub(FINT, const void *, FINT, FINT2)
const int N
Definition: speed_test.cpp:3