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elec_pys_new.cpp File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <BasicFiniteElements.hpp>
#include <ElecPhysOperators.hpp>

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struct  Istimulus
struct  RhsU
struct  RhsV
struct  RK4
struct  RDProblem


int main (int argc, char *argv[])


static char help [] = "...\n\n"
double init_val_u = 0.4
double init_val_v = 0.0

Function Documentation

◆ main()

int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Definition at line 500 of file elec_pys_new.cpp.

500 {
501 const char param_file[] = "param_file.petsc";
503 try {
504 moab::Core mb_instance;
505 moab::Interface &moab = mb_instance;
506 MoFEM::Core core(moab);
507 DMType dm_name = "DMMOFEM";
508 CHKERR DMRegister_MoFEM(dm_name);
510 int order = 1;
511 CHKERR PetscOptionsGetInt(PETSC_NULL, "", "-order", &order, PETSC_NULL);
512 RDProblem reac_diff_problem(core, order + 1);
513 CHKERR reac_diff_problem.run_analysis();
514 }
517 return 0;
std::string param_file
Catch errors.
Definition: definitions.h:372
#define CHKERR
Inline error check.
Definition: definitions.h:535
constexpr int order
static char help[]
Definition: elec_pys_new.cpp:8
PetscErrorCode DMRegister_MoFEM(const char sname[])
Register MoFEM problem.
Definition: DMMoFEM.cpp:47
PetscErrorCode PetscOptionsGetInt(PetscOptions *, const char pre[], const char name[], PetscInt *ivalue, PetscBool *set)
Core (interface) class.
Definition: Core.hpp:82
static MoFEMErrorCode Initialize(int *argc, char ***args, const char file[], const char help[])
Initializes the MoFEM database PETSc, MOAB and MPI.
Definition: Core.cpp:72
static MoFEMErrorCode Finalize()
Checks for options to be called at the conclusion of the program.
Definition: Core.cpp:112

Variable Documentation

◆ help

char help[] = "...\n\n"

Definition at line 8 of file elec_pys_new.cpp.

◆ init_val_u

double init_val_u = 0.4

Definition at line 12 of file elec_pys_new.cpp.

◆ init_val_v

double init_val_v = 0.0

Definition at line 13 of file elec_pys_new.cpp.