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Bone remodeling

Bone remodeling module. More...

Collaboration diagram for Bone remodeling:


file  DensityMaps.hpp
 Operator can be used with any volume element to calculate sum of volumes of all volumes in the set.
file  Remodeling.hpp
file  SphereSurfaceIntegration.hpp
 Quadrature points on sphere surface.


struct  BoneRemodeling::SurfaceKDTree
 Create KDTree on surface of the mesh and calculate distance. More...
struct  BoneRemodeling::DataFromMetaIO
 Load data from MetaImage file, translate grayscale values to densities. More...
struct  BoneRemodeling::OpVolumeCalculation
 Calculate volume of the model. More...
struct  BoneRemodeling::OpCalulateLhs
 Assemble LHS matrix K.

\[ K=\int_{V}\phi^{T}\phi\,dV \]

. More...

struct  BoneRemodeling::OpCalulatefRhoAtGaussPts
 Assemble local vector containing density data. More...
struct  BoneRemodeling::OpAssmbleRhs
 Assemble RHS vector f.

\[ \mathbf{f}_{e}=\int_{V_{e}}\phi q^{\ast}\,dV_{e} \]

. More...

struct  BoneRemodeling::OpMassCalculation
 Calculate mass before approximation.

\[ M=\int_{V}\rho\,dV \]

. More...

struct  BoneRemodeling::OpMassCalculationFromApprox
 Calculate mass after approximation.

\[ M=\int_{V}\rho N\,dV \]

. More...


Detailed Description

Bone remodeling module.