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ReactionDiffusionEquation Namespace Reference


struct  CommonData
 Common data. More...
struct  Monitor
 Monitor solution. More...
struct  OpAssembleMass
 Assemble mass matrix. More...
struct  OpAssembleSlowRhs
 Assemble slow part. More...
struct  OpAssembleStiffLhs
 Assemble stiff part tangent. More...
struct  OpAssembleStiffRhs
 Assemble stiff part. More...


using Ele = FaceElementForcesAndSourcesCore
using OpEle = FaceElementForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator
using EntData = DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData


const double D = 2e-3
 diffusivity More...
const double r = 1
 rate factor More...
const double k = 1
 caring capacity More...
const double u0 = 0.1
 inital vale on blocksets More...
const int save_every_nth_step = 4

Typedef Documentation

◆ Ele

Definition at line 28 of file reaction_diffusion_equation.cpp.

◆ EntData

Definition at line 30 of file reaction_diffusion_equation.cpp.

◆ OpEle

using ReactionDiffusionEquation::OpEle = typedef FaceElementForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator

Definition at line 29 of file reaction_diffusion_equation.cpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ D

const double ReactionDiffusionEquation::D = 2e-3

◆ k

const double ReactionDiffusionEquation::k = 1

◆ r

const double ReactionDiffusionEquation::r = 1

◆ save_every_nth_step

const int ReactionDiffusionEquation::save_every_nth_step = 4

◆ u0

const double ReactionDiffusionEquation::u0 = 0.1

inital vale on blocksets


Definition at line 36 of file reaction_diffusion_equation.cpp.