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BCs_RVELagrange_Trac_Rigid_Rot Struct Reference

#include <users_modules/homogenisation/src/BCs_RVELagrange_Trac_Rigid_Rot.hpp>

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struct  OpRVEBCsLhs
 \biref operator to calculate the LHS for the RVE boundary conditions More...

Public Member Functions

 BCs_RVELagrange_Trac_Rigid_Rot (MoFEM::Interface &m_field)
PetscErrorCode setRVEBCsRigidBodyRotOperators (string field_name, string lagrang_field_name, Mat aij, map< int, RVEBC_Data > setOfRVEBC)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BCs_RVELagrange_Disp
MyTriFEgetLoopFeRVEBCLhs ()
MyTriFEgetLoopFeRVEBCRhs ()
MyTriFEgetLoopFeRVEBCRhsResidual ()
MyTriFEgetLoopFeRVEBCStress ()
MyTriFEgetLoopFeRVEBCRhsHomoC ()
 BCs_RVELagrange_Disp (MoFEM::Interface &m_field)
PetscErrorCode addLagrangiangElement (const string element_name, const string field_name, const string lagrang_field_name, const string mesh_nodals_positions)
PetscErrorCode setRVEBCsOperatorsNonlinear (string field_name, string lagrang_field_name, string mesh_nodals_positions, Mat aij, vector< Vec > &fvec, Vec f, VectorDouble given_strain)
PetscErrorCode setRVEBCsOperators (string field_name, string lagrang_field_name, string mesh_nodals_positions, Mat aij, vector< Vec > &fvec)
PetscErrorCode setRVEBCsHomoStressOperators (string field_name, string lagrang_field_name, string mesh_nodals_positions, Vec Stress_Homo)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from BCs_RVELagrange_Disp
boost::ptr_vector< MethodForForceScalingmethodsOp
MyTriFE feRVEBCStress
MyTriFE feRVEBCRhsResidual
map< int, RVEBC_DatasetOfRVEBC
 maps side set id with appropriate FluxData More...
CommonFunctions common_functions

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file BCs_RVELagrange_Trac_Rigid_Rot.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BCs_RVELagrange_Trac_Rigid_Rot()

BCs_RVELagrange_Trac_Rigid_Rot::BCs_RVELagrange_Trac_Rigid_Rot ( MoFEM::Interface m_field)

Member Function Documentation

◆ setRVEBCsRigidBodyRotOperators()

PetscErrorCode BCs_RVELagrange_Trac_Rigid_Rot::setRVEBCsRigidBodyRotOperators ( string  field_name,
string  lagrang_field_name,
Mat  aij,
map< int, RVEBC_Data setOfRVEBC 

Definition at line 105 of file BCs_RVELagrange_Trac_Rigid_Rot.hpp.

107 {
108 PetscFunctionBegin;
109 map<int,RVEBC_Data>::iterator sit = setOfRVEBC.begin();
110 for(;sit!=setOfRVEBC.end();sit++) {
111 //LHS
112 feRVEBCLhs.getOpPtrVector().push_back(
113 new OpRVEBCsLhs(mField, field_name,lagrang_field_name,aij,sit->second)
114 );
115 }
116 PetscFunctionReturn(0);
117 }
constexpr auto field_name
map< int, RVEBC_Data > setOfRVEBC
maps side set id with appropriate FluxData
MoFEM::Interface & mField

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