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DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx Struct Reference

Structure for DM for multi-grid via approximation orders. More...

#include <users_modules/basic_finite_elements/src/PCMGSetUpViaApproxOrders.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

MoFEMErrorCode query_interface (boost::typeindex::type_index type_index, MoFEM::UnknownInterface **iface) const
 DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx ()
virtual ~DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx ()
MoFEMErrorCode destroyCoarseningIS ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::DMCtx
MoFEMErrorCode query_interface (boost::typeindex::type_index type_index, UnknownInterface **iface) const
 DMCtx ()
virtual ~DMCtx ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::UnknownInterface
virtual MoFEMErrorCode query_interface (boost::typeindex::type_index type_index, UnknownInterface **iface) const =0
template<class IFACE >
MoFEMErrorCode registerInterface (bool error_if_registration_failed=true)
 Register interface. More...
template<class IFACE >
MoFEMErrorCode getInterface (IFACE *&iface) const
 Get interface refernce to pointer of interface. More...
template<class IFACE >
MoFEMErrorCode getInterface (IFACE **const iface) const
 Get interface pointer to pointer of interface. More...
template<class IFACE , typename boost::enable_if< boost::is_pointer< IFACE >, int >::type = 0>
IFACE getInterface () const
 Get interface pointer to pointer of interface. More...
template<class IFACE , typename boost::enable_if< boost::is_reference< IFACE >, int >::type = 0>
IFACE getInterface () const
 Get reference to interface. More...
template<class IFACE >
IFACE * getInterface () const
 Function returning pointer to interface. More...
virtual ~UnknownInterface ()=default

Public Attributes

std::vector< IS > coarseningIS
 Coarsening IS. More...
std::vector< Mat > kspOperators
 Get KSP operators. More...
boost::ptr_vector< PCMGSubMatrixCtxshellMatrixCtxPtr
 Shell sub-matrix context. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::DMCtx
 MoFEM interface. More...
PetscBool isProblemBuild
 True if problem is build. More...
std::string problemName
 Problem name. More...
PetscBool isPartitioned
 true if read mesh is on parts More...
PetscBool isSquareMatrix
 true if rows equals to cols More...
int rAnk
int sIze
const ProblemproblemPtr
 pinter to problem data structure More...
PetscBool isSubDM
std::vector< std::string > rowFields
std::vector< std::string > colFields
const ProblemproblemMainOfSubPtr
 pinter to main problem to sub-problem More...
PetscBool isCompDM
std::vector< std::string > rowCompPrb
std::vector< std::string > colCompPrb
std::map< std::string, boost::shared_ptr< Range > > mapTypeRow
std::map< std::string, boost::shared_ptr< Range > > mapTypeCol
PetscBool destroyProblem
 If true destroy problem with DM. More...
int verbosity
 verbosity More...
int referenceNumber
boost::shared_ptr< KspCtxkspCtx
 data structure KSP More...
boost::shared_ptr< SnesCtxsnesCtx
 data structure SNES More...
boost::shared_ptr< TsCtxtsCtx
 data structure for TS solver More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::UnknownInterface
static MoFEMErrorCode getLibVersion (Version &version)
 Get library version. More...
static MoFEMErrorCode getFileVersion (moab::Interface &moab, Version &version)
 Get database major version. More...
static MoFEMErrorCode setFileVersion (moab::Interface &moab, Version version=Version(MoFEM_VERSION_MAJOR, MoFEM_VERSION_MINOR, MoFEM_VERSION_BUILD))
 Get database major version. More...
static MoFEMErrorCode getInterfaceVersion (Version &version)
 Get database major version. More...

Detailed Description

Structure for DM for multi-grid via approximation orders.

Definition at line 22 of file PCMGSetUpViaApproxOrders.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx()

DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx::DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx ( )

Definition at line 134 of file PCMGSetUpViaApproxOrders.cpp.

135 : MoFEM::DMCtx(), aO(PETSC_NULL) {
136 // std::cerr << "create dm\n";
PETSc Discrete Manager data structure.
Definition: DMMoFEM.hpp:929

◆ ~DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx()

DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx::~DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx ( )

Definition at line 138 of file PCMGSetUpViaApproxOrders.cpp.

138 {
static MoFEMErrorCodeGeneric< PetscErrorCode > ierr
Definition: Exceptions.hpp:76

Member Function Documentation

◆ destroyCoarseningIS()

MoFEMErrorCode DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx::destroyCoarseningIS ( )

Definition at line 143 of file PCMGSetUpViaApproxOrders.cpp.

143 {
145 for (unsigned int ii = 0; ii < coarseningIS.size(); ii++) {
146 if (coarseningIS[ii])
147 CHKERR ISDestroy(&coarseningIS[ii]);
148 }
149 for (unsigned int ii = 0; ii < kspOperators.size(); ii++) {
150 if (kspOperators[ii])
151 CHKERR MatDestroy(&kspOperators[ii]);
152 }
153 if (aO) {
154 CHKERR AODestroy(&aO);
155 }
156 coarseningIS.clear();
157 kspOperators.clear();
158 shellMatrixCtxPtr.clear();
#define MoFEMFunctionBegin
First executable line of each MoFEM function, used for error handling. Final line of MoFEM functions ...
Definition: definitions.h:346
#define MoFEMFunctionReturn(a)
Last executable line of each PETSc function used for error handling. Replaces return()
Definition: definitions.h:416
#define CHKERR
Inline error check.
Definition: definitions.h:535
std::vector< Mat > kspOperators
Get KSP operators.
boost::ptr_vector< PCMGSubMatrixCtx > shellMatrixCtxPtr
Shell sub-matrix context.
std::vector< IS > coarseningIS
Coarsening IS.

◆ query_interface()

MoFEMErrorCode DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx::query_interface ( boost::typeindex::type_index  type_index,
MoFEM::UnknownInterface **  iface 
) const

Reimplemented from MoFEM::DMCtx.

Definition at line 163 of file PCMGSetUpViaApproxOrders.cpp.

164 {
165 *iface = static_cast<DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx *>(
166 const_cast<DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx *>(this));
167 return 0;
Structure for DM for multi-grid via approximation orders.

Member Data Documentation

◆ aO

AO DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx::aO

Definition at line 32 of file PCMGSetUpViaApproxOrders.hpp.

◆ coarseningIS

std::vector<IS> DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx::coarseningIS

Coarsening IS.

Definition at line 33 of file PCMGSetUpViaApproxOrders.hpp.

◆ kspOperators

std::vector<Mat> DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx::kspOperators

Get KSP operators.

Definition at line 34 of file PCMGSetUpViaApproxOrders.hpp.

◆ shellMatrixCtxPtr

boost::ptr_vector<PCMGSubMatrixCtx> DMMGViaApproxOrdersCtx::shellMatrixCtxPtr

Shell sub-matrix context.

Definition at line 36 of file PCMGSetUpViaApproxOrders.hpp.

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