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EshelbianPlasticity::OpSpatialRotation Struct Reference

#include <users_modules/eshelbian_plasticty/src/EshelbianPlasticity.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 OpSpatialRotation (const std::string &field_name, boost::shared_ptr< DataAtIntegrationPts > &data_ptr)
MoFEMErrorCode integrate (EntData &data)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EshelbianPlasticity::OpAssembleVolume
 OpAssembleVolume (const std::string &field, boost::shared_ptr< DataAtIntegrationPts > data_ptr, const char type)
 OpAssembleVolume (const std::string &row_field, const std::string &col_field, boost::shared_ptr< DataAtIntegrationPts > data_ptr, const char type, const bool assemble_symmetry)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EshelbianPlasticity::OpAssembleBasic< VolUserDataOperator >
 OpAssembleBasic (const std::string &field_name, boost::shared_ptr< DataAtIntegrationPts > data_ptr, const char type)
 OpAssembleBasic (const std::string &row_field, const std::string &col_field, boost::shared_ptr< DataAtIntegrationPts > data_ptr, const char type, const bool assemble_symmetry)
virtual MoFEMErrorCode integrate (int row_side, EntityType row_type, EntData &data)
virtual MoFEMErrorCode integrate (EntData &row_data, EntData &col_data)
virtual MoFEMErrorCode assemble (EntData &data)
virtual MoFEMErrorCode assemble (int row_side, EntityType row_type, EntData &data)
virtual MoFEMErrorCode assemble (int row_side, int col_side, EntityType row_type, EntityType col_type, EntData &row_data, EntData &col_data)
MoFEMErrorCode doWork (int side, EntityType type, EntData &data)
MoFEMErrorCode doWork (int row_side, int col_side, EntityType row_type, EntityType col_type, EntData &row_data, EntData &col_data)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from EshelbianPlasticity::OpAssembleBasic< VolUserDataOperator >
const bool assembleSymmetry
boost::shared_ptr< DataAtIntegrationPtsdataAtPts
 data at integration pts More...
VectorDouble nF
 local right hand side vector More...
MatrixDouble K
 local tangent matrix More...
MatrixDouble transposeK

Detailed Description

Definition at line 779 of file EshelbianPlasticity.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OpSpatialRotation()

EshelbianPlasticity::OpSpatialRotation::OpSpatialRotation ( const std::string &  field_name,
boost::shared_ptr< DataAtIntegrationPts > &  data_ptr 

Definition at line 780 of file EshelbianPlasticity.hpp.

782  : OpAssembleVolume(field_name, data_ptr, OPROW) {}

Member Function Documentation

◆ integrate()

MoFEMErrorCode EshelbianPlasticity::OpSpatialRotation::integrate ( EntData data)

Reimplemented from EshelbianPlasticity::OpAssembleBasic< VolUserDataOperator >.

Definition at line 298 of file EshelbianOperators.cpp.

298  {
300  int nb_dofs = data.getIndices().size();
301  int nb_integration_pts = data.getN().size1();
302  auto v = getVolume();
303  auto t_w = getFTensor0IntegrationWeight();
304  auto t_approx_P = getFTensor2FromMat<3, 3>(dataAtPts->approxPAtPts);
305  auto t_R = getFTensor2FromMat<3, 3>(dataAtPts->rotMatAtPts);
307  int nb_base_functions = data.getN().size2();
308  auto t_row_base_fun = data.getFTensor0N();
314  auto get_ftensor1 = [](auto &v) {
315  return FTensor::Tensor1<FTensor::PackPtr<double *, 3>, 3>(&v[0], &v[1],
316  &v[2]);
317  };
319  for (int gg = 0; gg != nb_integration_pts; ++gg) {
320  double a = v * t_w;
321  auto t_nf = get_ftensor1(nF);
323  t_PRT(i, m) = t_approx_P(i, j) * t_R(m, j);
324  FTensor::Tensor1<double, 3> t_leviPRT;
325  t_leviPRT(k) = levi_civita(i, m, k) * t_PRT(i, m);
326  int bb = 0;
327  for (; bb != nb_dofs / 3; ++bb) {
328  t_nf(k) += a * t_row_base_fun * t_leviPRT(k);
329  ++t_nf;
330  ++t_row_base_fun;
331  }
332  for (; bb != nb_base_functions; ++bb)
333  ++t_row_base_fun;
334  ++t_w;
335  ++t_approx_P;
336  ++t_R;
337  }
339 }

The documentation for this struct was generated from the following files:
FTensor::Tensor2< double, 3, 3 >
const VectorInt & getIndices() const
Get global indices of dofs on entity.
Definition: DataStructures.hpp:1178
Definition: Tensor1_value.hpp:9
static Index< 'm', 3 > m
Definition: BasicFeTools.hpp:77
FTensor::Index< 'i', 3 >
FTensor::Tensor0< FTensor::PackPtr< double *, 1 > > getFTensor0N(const FieldApproximationBase base)
Get base function as Tensor0.
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OpAssembleVolume(const std::string &field, boost::shared_ptr< DataAtIntegrationPts > data_ptr, const char type)
Definition: EshelbianPlasticity.hpp:733
constexpr std::enable_if<(Dim0<=2 &&Dim1<=2), Tensor2_Expr< Levi_Civita< T >, T, Dim0, Dim1, i, j > >::type levi_civita(const Index< i, Dim0 > &, const Index< j, Dim1 > &)
levi_civita functions to make for easy adhoc use
Definition: Levi_Civita.hpp:617
EshelbianPlasticity::OpAssembleBasic< VolUserDataOperator >::nF
VectorDouble nF
local right hand side vector
Definition: EshelbianPlasticity.hpp:616
EshelbianPlasticity::OpAssembleBasic< VolUserDataOperator >::dataAtPts
boost::shared_ptr< DataAtIntegrationPts > dataAtPts
data at integration pts
Definition: EshelbianPlasticity.hpp:603
FTensor::Index< 'j', 3 > j
Definition: matrix_function.cpp:19
MatrixDouble & getN(const FieldApproximationBase base)
get base functions this return matrix (nb. of rows is equal to nb. of Gauss pts, nb....
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FTensor::Index< 'i', 3 > i
Definition: matrix_function.cpp:18
FTensor::Index< 'k', 3 > k
Definition: matrix_function.cpp:20
#define MoFEMFunctionReturn(a)
Last executable line of each PETSc function used for error handling. Replaces return()
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#define MoFEMFunctionBegin
First executable line of each MoFEM function, used for error handling. Final line of MoFEM functions ...
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FTensor::Index< 'l', 3 > l
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