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GelModule::Gel::CommonData Struct Reference

Common data for gel model. More...

#include <users_modules/gels/src/Gels.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CommonData ()

Public Attributes

string spatialPositionName
string spatialPositionNameDot
string strainHatName
string strainHatNameDot
string muName
string muNameDot
map< string, vector< VectorDouble > > dataAtGaussPts
map< string, vector< MatrixDouble > > gradAtGaussPts
vector< MatrixDouble3by3 > stressTotal
vector< VectorDouble3 > solventFlux
vector< doublesolventConcentrationDot
vector< VectorDouble9 > residualStrainHat
vector< double * > jacRowPtr
vector< MatrixDouble > jacStressTotal
vector< MatrixDouble > jacSolventFlux
vector< VectorDouble > jacSolventDot
vector< MatrixDouble > jacStrainHat
bool recordOn
map< int, int > nbActiveVariables
map< int, int > nbActiveResults

Detailed Description

Common data for gel model.

Definition at line 345 of file Gels.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CommonData()

GelModule::Gel::CommonData::CommonData ( )

Definition at line 371 of file Gels.hpp.

371 :
372 recordOn(true) {
373 }

Member Data Documentation

◆ dataAtGaussPts

map<string,vector<VectorDouble> > GelModule::Gel::CommonData::dataAtGaussPts

Definition at line 354 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ gradAtGaussPts

map<string,vector<MatrixDouble> > GelModule::Gel::CommonData::gradAtGaussPts

Definition at line 355 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ jacRowPtr

vector<double*> GelModule::Gel::CommonData::jacRowPtr

Definition at line 362 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ jacSolventDot

vector<VectorDouble> GelModule::Gel::CommonData::jacSolventDot

Definition at line 365 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ jacSolventFlux

vector<MatrixDouble> GelModule::Gel::CommonData::jacSolventFlux

Definition at line 364 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ jacStrainHat

vector<MatrixDouble> GelModule::Gel::CommonData::jacStrainHat

Definition at line 366 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ jacStressTotal

vector<MatrixDouble> GelModule::Gel::CommonData::jacStressTotal

Definition at line 363 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ muName

string GelModule::Gel::CommonData::muName

Definition at line 351 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ muNameDot

string GelModule::Gel::CommonData::muNameDot

Definition at line 352 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ nbActiveResults

map<int,int> GelModule::Gel::CommonData::nbActiveResults

Definition at line 369 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ nbActiveVariables

map<int,int> GelModule::Gel::CommonData::nbActiveVariables

Definition at line 369 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ recordOn

bool GelModule::Gel::CommonData::recordOn

Definition at line 368 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ residualStrainHat

vector<VectorDouble9> GelModule::Gel::CommonData::residualStrainHat

Definition at line 360 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ solventConcentrationDot

vector<double> GelModule::Gel::CommonData::solventConcentrationDot

Definition at line 359 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ solventFlux

vector<VectorDouble3> GelModule::Gel::CommonData::solventFlux

Definition at line 358 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ spatialPositionName

string GelModule::Gel::CommonData::spatialPositionName

Definition at line 347 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ spatialPositionNameDot

string GelModule::Gel::CommonData::spatialPositionNameDot

Definition at line 348 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ strainHatName

string GelModule::Gel::CommonData::strainHatName

Definition at line 349 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ strainHatNameDot

string GelModule::Gel::CommonData::strainHatNameDot

Definition at line 350 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ stressTotal

vector<MatrixDouble3by3> GelModule::Gel::CommonData::stressTotal

Definition at line 357 of file Gels.hpp.

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