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GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc Struct Reference

#include <users_modules/gels/src/Gels.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 MonitorPostProc (MoFEM::Interface &m_field, string problem, string fe, CommonData &common_data, boost::shared_ptr< Gel::ConstitutiveEquation< adouble > > &ce, vector< int > tags)
PetscErrorCode preProcess ()
 function is run at the beginning of loop More...
PetscErrorCode operator() ()
 function is run for every finite element More...
PetscErrorCode postProcess ()
 function is run at the end of loop More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::FEMethod
MoFEMErrorCode query_interface (boost::typeindex::type_index type_index, UnknownInterface **iface) const
 FEMethod ()=default
auto getFEName () const
 get finite element name More...
auto getDataDofsPtr () const
auto getDataVectorDofsPtr () const
const FieldEntity_vector_viewgetDataFieldEnts () const
boost::shared_ptr< FieldEntity_vector_view > & getDataFieldEntsPtr () const
auto & getRowFieldEnts () const
auto & getRowFieldEntsPtr () const
auto & getColFieldEnts () const
auto & getColFieldEntsPtr () const
auto getRowDofsPtr () const
auto getColDofsPtr () const
auto getNumberOfNodes () const
EntityHandle getFEEntityHandle () const
MoFEMErrorCode getNodeData (const std::string field_name, VectorDouble &data, const bool reset_dofs=true)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::BasicMethod
MoFEMErrorCode query_interface (boost::typeindex::type_index type_index, UnknownInterface **iface) const
 BasicMethod ()
virtual ~BasicMethod ()=default
int getNinTheLoop () const
 get number of evaluated element in the loop More...
int getLoopSize () const
 get loop size More...
auto getLoHiFERank () const
 Get lo and hi processor rank of iterated entities. More...
auto getLoFERank () const
 Get upper rank in loop for iterating elements. More...
auto getHiFERank () const
 Get upper rank in loop for iterating elements. More...
unsigned int getFieldBitNumber (std::string field_name) const
MoFEMErrorCode copyBasicMethod (const BasicMethod &basic)
 Copy data from other base method to this base method. More...
virtual MoFEMErrorCode preProcess ()
 function is run at the beginning of loop More...
virtual MoFEMErrorCode operator() ()
 function is run for every finite element More...
virtual MoFEMErrorCode postProcess ()
 function is run at the end of loop More...
boost::weak_ptr< CacheTuplegetCacheWeakPtr () const
 Get the cache weak ptr object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::KspMethod
MoFEMErrorCode query_interface (boost::typeindex::type_index type_index, UnknownInterface **iface) const
 KspMethod ()
virtual ~KspMethod ()=default
MoFEMErrorCode copyKsp (const KspMethod &ksp)
 copy data form another method More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::PetscData
MoFEMErrorCode query_interface (boost::typeindex::type_index type_index, UnknownInterface **iface) const
 PetscData ()
virtual ~PetscData ()=default
MoFEMErrorCode copyPetscData (const PetscData &petsc_data)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::UnknownInterface
virtual MoFEMErrorCode query_interface (boost::typeindex::type_index type_index, UnknownInterface **iface) const =0
template<class IFACE >
MoFEMErrorCode registerInterface (bool error_if_registration_failed=true)
 Register interface. More...
template<class IFACE >
MoFEMErrorCode getInterface (IFACE *&iface) const
 Get interface refernce to pointer of interface. More...
template<class IFACE >
MoFEMErrorCode getInterface (IFACE **const iface) const
 Get interface pointer to pointer of interface. More...
template<class IFACE , typename boost::enable_if< boost::is_pointer< IFACE >, int >::type = 0>
IFACE getInterface () const
 Get interface pointer to pointer of interface. More...
template<class IFACE , typename boost::enable_if< boost::is_reference< IFACE >, int >::type = 0>
IFACE getInterface () const
 Get reference to interface. More...
template<class IFACE >
IFACE * getInterface () const
 Function returning pointer to interface. More...
virtual ~UnknownInterface ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::SnesMethod
MoFEMErrorCode query_interface (boost::typeindex::type_index type_index, UnknownInterface **iface) const
 SnesMethod ()
virtual ~SnesMethod ()=default
MoFEMErrorCode copySnes (const SnesMethod &snes)
 Copy snes data. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::TSMethod
MoFEMErrorCode query_interface (boost::typeindex::type_index type_index, UnknownInterface **iface) const
 TSMethod ()
virtual ~TSMethod ()=default
MoFEMErrorCode copyTs (const TSMethod &ts)
 Copy TS solver data. More...

Public Attributes

string pRoblem
string fE
boost::shared_ptr< Gel::ConstitutiveEquation< adouble > > & cE
vector< int > tAgs
PostProcVolumeOnRefinedMesh postProc
bool iNit
int pRT
- Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::FEMethod
std::string feName
 Name of finite element. More...
boost::shared_ptr< const NumeredEntFiniteElementnumeredEntFiniteElementPtr
boost::function< bool(FEMethod *fe_method_ptr)> exeTestHook
 Tet if element to skip element. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::BasicMethod
int nInTheLoop
 number currently of processed method More...
int loopSize
 local number oe methods to process More...
std::pair< int, int > loHiFERank
 Llo and hi processor rank of iterated entities. More...
int rAnk
 processor rank More...
int sIze
 number of processors in communicator More...
const RefEntity_multiIndexrefinedEntitiesPtr
 container of mofem dof entities More...
const RefElement_multiIndexrefinedFiniteElementsPtr
 container of mofem finite element entities More...
const ProblemproblemPtr
 raw pointer to problem More...
const Field_multiIndexfieldsPtr
 raw pointer to fields container More...
const FieldEntity_multiIndexentitiesPtr
 raw pointer to container of field entities More...
const DofEntity_multiIndexdofsPtr
 raw pointer container of dofs More...
const FiniteElement_multiIndexfiniteElementsPtr
 raw pointer to container finite elements More...
const EntFiniteElement_multiIndexfiniteElementsEntitiesPtr
const FieldEntityEntFiniteElementAdjacencyMap_multiIndexadjacenciesPtr
boost::function< MoFEMErrorCode()> preProcessHook
 Hook function for pre-processing. More...
boost::function< MoFEMErrorCode()> postProcessHook
 Hook function for post-processing. More...
boost::function< MoFEMErrorCode()> operatorHook
 Hook function for operator. More...
boost::movelib::unique_ptr< boolvecAssembleSwitch
boost::movelib::unique_ptr< boolmatAssembleSwitch
boost::weak_ptr< CacheTuplecacheWeakPtr
- Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::KspMethod
KSPContext ksp_ctx
 Context. More...
KSP ksp
 KSP solver. More...
Vec & ksp_f
Mat & ksp_A
Mat & ksp_B
- Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::PetscData
Switches data_ctx
Vec f
Mat A
Mat B
Vec x
Vec x_t
Vec x_tt
- Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::SnesMethod
SNESContext snes_ctx
SNES snes
 snes solver More...
Vec & snes_x
 state vector More...
Vec & snes_f
 residual More...
Mat & snes_A
 jacobian matrix More...
Mat & snes_B
 preconditioner of jacobian matrix More...
- Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::TSMethod
TS ts
 time solver More...
TSContext ts_ctx
PetscInt ts_step
 time step number More...
PetscReal ts_a
 shift for U_t (see PETSc Time Solver) More...
PetscReal ts_aa
 shift for U_tt shift for U_tt More...
PetscReal ts_t
 time More...
PetscReal ts_dt
 time step size More...
Vec & ts_u
 state vector More...
Vec & ts_u_t
 time derivative of state vector More...
Vec & ts_u_tt
 second time derivative of state vector More...
Vec & ts_F
 residual vector More...
Mat & ts_A
Mat & ts_B
 Preconditioner for ts_A. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from MoFEM::KspMethod
 pass information about context of KSP/DM for with finite element is computed More...
- Public Types inherited from MoFEM::PetscData
enum  DataContext {
  CTX_SET_NONE = 0 , CTX_SET_F = 1 << 0 , CTX_SET_A = 1 << 1 , CTX_SET_B = 1 << 2 ,
  CTX_SET_X = 1 << 3 , CTX_SET_X_T = 1 << 4 , CTX_SET_X_TT = 1 << 6 , CTX_SET_TIME = 1 << 7
using Switches = std::bitset< 8 >
- Public Types inherited from MoFEM::SnesMethod
- Public Types inherited from MoFEM::TSMethod
enum  TSContext {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::UnknownInterface
static MoFEMErrorCode getLibVersion (Version &version)
 Get library version. More...
static MoFEMErrorCode getFileVersion (moab::Interface &moab, Version &version)
 Get database major version. More...
static MoFEMErrorCode setFileVersion (moab::Interface &moab, Version version=Version(MoFEM_VERSION_MAJOR, MoFEM_VERSION_MINOR, MoFEM_VERSION_BUILD))
 Get database major version. More...
static MoFEMErrorCode getInterfaceVersion (Version &version)
 Get database major version. More...
- Static Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::PetscData
static constexpr Switches CtxSetNone = PetscData::Switches(CTX_SET_NONE)
static constexpr Switches CtxSetF = PetscData::Switches(CTX_SET_F)
static constexpr Switches CtxSetA = PetscData::Switches(CTX_SET_A)
static constexpr Switches CtxSetB = PetscData::Switches(CTX_SET_B)
static constexpr Switches CtxSetX = PetscData::Switches(CTX_SET_X)
static constexpr Switches CtxSetX_T = PetscData::Switches(CTX_SET_X_T)
static constexpr Switches CtxSetX_TT = PetscData::Switches(CTX_SET_X_TT)
static constexpr Switches CtxSetTime = PetscData::Switches(CTX_SET_TIME)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2038 of file Gels.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MonitorPostProc()

GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc::MonitorPostProc ( MoFEM::Interface m_field,
string  problem,
string  fe,
CommonData common_data,
boost::shared_ptr< Gel::ConstitutiveEquation< adouble > > &  ce,
vector< int >  tags 

Definition at line 2052 of file Gels.hpp.

2059 :
2060 FEMethod(),
2061 mField(m_field),
2062 pRoblem(problem),
2063 fE(fe),
2064 commonData(common_data),
2065 cE(ce),
2066 tAgs(tags),
2067 postProc(m_field),
2068 iNit(false) {
2070 PetscBool flg = PETSC_TRUE;
2072 PETSC_NULL,PETSC_NULL,"-my_output_prt",&pRT,&flg
2074 if(flg!=PETSC_TRUE) {
2075 pRT = 1;
2076 }
2077 }
static PetscErrorCode ierr
PetscErrorCode PetscOptionsGetInt(PetscOptions *, const char pre[], const char name[], PetscInt *ivalue, PetscBool *set)
vector< int > tAgs
Definition: Gels.hpp:2045
string fE
Definition: Gels.hpp:2042
bool iNit
Definition: Gels.hpp:2049
boost::shared_ptr< Gel::ConstitutiveEquation< adouble > > & cE
Definition: Gels.hpp:2044
PostProcVolumeOnRefinedMesh postProc
Definition: Gels.hpp:2047
MoFEM::Interface & mField
Definition: Gels.hpp:2040
int pRT
Definition: Gels.hpp:2050
string pRoblem
Definition: Gels.hpp:2041
CommonData & commonData
Definition: Gels.hpp:2043

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

PetscErrorCode GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc::operator() ( )

function is run for every finite element

It is used to calculate element local matrices and assembly. It can be used for post-processing.

Reimplemented from MoFEM::BasicMethod.

Definition at line 2084 of file Gels.hpp.

2084 {
2085 PetscFunctionBegin;
2086 PetscFunctionReturn(0);
2087 }

◆ postProcess()

PetscErrorCode GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc::postProcess ( )

function is run at the end of loop

It is used to assembly matrices and vectors, calculating global variables, f.e. total internal energy, ect.

Iterating over dofs: Example1 iterating over dofs in row by name of the field for(IT_GET_FEROW_BY_NAME_DOFS_FOR_LOOP(this,"DISPLACEMENT",it)) { ... }

Reimplemented from MoFEM::BasicMethod.

Definition at line 2089 of file Gels.hpp.

2089 {
2090 PetscFunctionBegin;
2092 if(!iNit) {
2099 postProc.getOpPtrVector().push_back
2100 (new Gel::OpGetDataAtGaussPts("SPATIAL_POSITION",commonData,false,true));
2101 postProc.getOpPtrVector().push_back
2102 (new Gel::OpGetDataAtGaussPts("SPATIAL_POSITION_DOT",commonData,false,true));
2103 postProc.getOpPtrVector().push_back
2104 (new Gel::OpGetDataAtGaussPts("CHEMICAL_LOAD",commonData,true,true));
2105 postProc.getOpPtrVector().push_back
2106 (new Gel::OpGetDataAtGaussPts("HAT_EPS",commonData,true,false,MBTET));
2107 postProc.getOpPtrVector().push_back
2108 (new Gel::OpGetDataAtGaussPts("HAT_EPS_DOT",commonData,true,false,MBTET));
2109 postProc.getOpPtrVector().push_back
2110 (new Gel::OpJacobian("SPATIAL_POSITION",tAgs,cE,commonData,true,false));
2111 postProc.getOpPtrVector().push_back
2112 (new OpPostProcGel("SPATIAL_POSITION",postProc.postProcMesh,postProc.mapGaussPts,commonData));
2115 iNit = true;
2116 }
2117 int step;
2118 ierr = TSGetTimeStepNumber(ts,&step); CHKERRQ(ierr);
2120 if((step)%pRT==0) {
2122 ostringstream sss;
2123 sss << "out_" << step << ".h5m";
2124 rval = postProc.postProcMesh.write_file(sss.str().c_str(),"MOAB","PARALLEL=WRITE_PART"); CHKERRQ_MOAB(rval);
2125 }
2126 PetscFunctionReturn(0);
2127 }
#define CHKERRQ_MOAB(a)
check error code of MoAB function
Definition: definitions.h:454
MoFEMErrorCode addFieldValuesGradientPostProc(const std::string field_name, Vec v=PETSC_NULL)
Add operator to post-process L2 or H1 field gradient.
MoFEMErrorCode addFieldValuesPostProc(const std::string field_name, Vec v=PETSC_NULL)
Add operator to post-process L2, H1, Hdiv, Hcurl field value.
virtual MoFEMErrorCode loop_finite_elements(const std::string problem_name, const std::string &fe_name, FEMethod &method, boost::shared_ptr< NumeredEntFiniteElement_multiIndex > fe_ptr=nullptr, MoFEMTypes bh=MF_EXIST, CacheTupleWeakPtr cache_ptr=CacheTupleSharedPtr(), int verb=DEFAULT_VERBOSITY)=0
Make a loop over finite elements.
TS ts
time solver
std::vector< EntityHandle > mapGaussPts
moab::Interface & postProcMesh
MoFEMErrorCode generateReferenceElementMesh()
Generate reference mesh on single element.

◆ preProcess()

PetscErrorCode GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc::preProcess ( )

function is run at the beginning of loop

It is used to zeroing matrices and vectors, calculation of shape functions on reference element, preprocessing boundary conditions, etc.

Reimplemented from MoFEM::BasicMethod.

Definition at line 2079 of file Gels.hpp.

2079 {
2080 PetscFunctionBegin;
2081 PetscFunctionReturn(0);
2082 }

Member Data Documentation

◆ cE

boost::shared_ptr<Gel::ConstitutiveEquation<adouble> >& GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc::cE

Definition at line 2044 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ commonData

CommonData& GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc::commonData

Definition at line 2043 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ fE

string GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc::fE

Definition at line 2042 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ iNit

bool GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc::iNit

Definition at line 2049 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ mField

MoFEM::Interface& GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc::mField

Definition at line 2040 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ postProc

PostProcVolumeOnRefinedMesh GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc::postProc

Definition at line 2047 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ pRoblem

string GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc::pRoblem

Definition at line 2041 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ pRT

int GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc::pRT

Definition at line 2050 of file Gels.hpp.

◆ tAgs

vector<int> GelModule::Gel::MonitorPostProc::tAgs

Definition at line 2045 of file Gels.hpp.

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