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MixTransport::MixTransportElement::OpPostProc Struct Reference

#include <users_modules/basic_finite_elements/mix_transport/src/MixTransportElement.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 OpPostProc (moab::Interface &post_proc_mesh, std::vector< EntityHandle > &map_gauss_pts)
MoFEMErrorCode doWork (int side, EntityType type, DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData &data)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::VolumeElementForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator
 UserDataOperator (const FieldSpace space)
 UserDataOperator (const std::string &field_name, const char type)
 UserDataOperator (const std::string &row_field_name, const std::string &col_field_name, const char type, const bool symm=true)
int getNumNodes ()
 get element number of nodes More...
const EntityHandlegetConn ()
 get element connectivity More...
double getVolume ()
 element volume (linear geometry) More...
FTensor::Tensor2< double *, 3, 3 > & getJac ()
 get element Jacobian More...
FTensor::Tensor2< double *, 3, 3 > & getInvJac ()
 get element inverse Jacobian More...
double getMeasure ()
 get measure of element More...
VectorDoublegetCoords ()
 nodal coordinates More...
MatrixDoublegetCoordsAtGaussPts ()
 Gauss points and weight, matrix (nb. of points x 3) More...
MatrixDoublegetHoCoordsAtGaussPts ()
 coordinate at Gauss points (if hierarchical approximation of element geometry) More...
MatrixDoublegetHoGaussPtsJac ()
MatrixDoublegetHoGaussPtsInvJac ()
VectorDoublegetHoGaussPtsDetJac ()
auto getFTenosr0HoMeasure ()
auto getFTensor1CoordsAtGaussPts ()
 Get coordinates at integration points assuming linear geometry. More...
auto getFTensor1HoCoordsAtGaussPts ()
 Get coordinates at integration points taking geometry from field. More...
auto getFTensor2HoGaussPtsJac ()
auto getFTensor2HoGaussPtsInvJac ()
const VolumeElementForcesAndSourcesCoregetVolumeFE ()
 return pointer to Generic Volume Finite Element object More...
MoFEMErrorCode getDivergenceOfHDivBaseFunctions (int side, EntityType type, DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData &data, int gg, VectorDouble &div)
 Get divergence of base functions at integration point. More...
MoFEMErrorCode getCurlOfHCurlBaseFunctions (int side, EntityType type, DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData &data, int gg, MatrixDouble &curl)
 Get curl of base functions at integration point. More...
DEPRECATED auto getTensor1CoordsAtGaussPts ()
DEPRECATED auto getTensor1HoCoordsAtGaussPts ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::ForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator
 UserDataOperator (const FieldSpace space, const char type=OPLAST, const bool symm=true)
 UserDataOperator (const std::string &field_name, const char type, const bool symm=true)
 UserDataOperator (const std::string &row_field_name, const std::string &col_field_name, const char type, const bool symm=true)
virtual ~UserDataOperator ()
boost::shared_ptr< const NumeredEntFiniteElementgetNumeredEntFiniteElementPtr () const
 Return raw pointer to NumeredEntFiniteElement. More...
EntityHandle getFEEntityHandle () const
 Return finite element entity handle. More...
MoFEMErrorCode getProblemRowIndices (const std::string filed_name, const EntityType type, const int side, VectorInt &indices) const
 Get row indices. More...
MoFEMErrorCode getProblemColIndices (const std::string filed_name, const EntityType type, const int side, VectorInt &indices) const
 Get col indices. More...
virtual MoFEMErrorCode setPtrFE (ForcesAndSourcesCore *ptr)
const FEMethodgetFEMethod () const
 Return raw pointer to Finite Element Method object. More...
int getOpType () const
 Get operator types. More...
void setOpType (const OpType type)
 Set operator type. More...
void addOpType (const OpType type)
 Add operator type. More...
int getNinTheLoop () const
 get number of finite element in the loop More...
int getLoopSize () const
 get size of elements in the loop More...
const std::string & getFEName () const
 Get name of the element. More...
Vec getSnesF () const
Vec getSnesX () const
Mat getSnesA () const
Mat getSnesB () const
Vec getTSu () const
Vec getTSu_t () const
Vec getTSf () const
Mat getTSA () const
Mat getTSB () const
int getTSstep () const
double getTStime () const
double getTSa () const
MatrixDoublegetGaussPts ()
 matrix of integration (Gauss) points for Volume Element More...
auto getFTensor0IntegrationWeight ()
 Get integration weights. More...
DEPRECATED MoFEMErrorCode getPorblemRowIndices (const std::string filed_name, const EntityType type, const int side, VectorInt &indices) const
DEPRECATED MoFEMErrorCode getPorblemColIndices (const std::string filed_name, const EntityType type, const int side, VectorInt &indices) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::DataOperator
 DataOperator (const bool symm=true, const bool do_vertices=true, const bool do_edges=true, const bool do_quads=true, const bool do_tris=true, const bool do_tets=true, const bool do_prisms=true)
virtual ~DataOperator ()
virtual MoFEMErrorCode doWork (int row_side, int col_side, EntityType row_type, EntityType col_type, DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData &row_data, DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData &col_data)
 Operator for bi-linear form, usually to calculate values on left hand side. More...
virtual MoFEMErrorCode opLhs (DataForcesAndSourcesCore &row_data, DataForcesAndSourcesCore &col_data, bool symm=true)
virtual MoFEMErrorCode opLhs (DataForcesAndSourcesCore &row_data, DataForcesAndSourcesCore &col_data)
virtual MoFEMErrorCode doWork (int side, EntityType type, DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData &data)
 Operator for linear form, usually to calculate values on right hand side. More...
virtual MoFEMErrorCode opRhs (DataForcesAndSourcesCore &data, const bool do_vertices, const bool do_edges, const bool do_quads, const bool do_tris, const bool do_tets, const bool do_prisms, const bool error_if_no_base=true)
virtual MoFEMErrorCode opRhs (DataForcesAndSourcesCore &data, const bool error_if_no_base=true)
bool getSymm () const
 Get if operator uses symmetry of DOFs or not. More...
void setSymm ()
 set if operator is executed taking in account symmetry More...
void unSetSymm ()
 unset if operator is executed for non symmetric problem More...

Public Attributes

moab::Interface & postProcMesh
std::vector< EntityHandle > & mapGaussPts
- Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::ForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator
char opType
std::string rowFieldName
std::string colFieldName
FieldSpace sPace
- Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::DataOperator
bool sYmm
 If true assume that matrix is symmetric structure. More...
bool doVertices
 If false skip vertices. More...
bool doEdges
 If false skip edges. More...
bool doQuads
bool doTris
bool doTets
bool doPrisms

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from MoFEM::ForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator
enum  OpType { OPROW = 1 << 0, OPCOL = 1 << 1, OPROWCOL = 1 << 2, OPLAST = 1 << 3 }
 Controls loop over entities on element. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from MoFEM::ForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator

Detailed Description

Definition at line 393 of file MixTransportElement.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OpPostProc()

MixTransport::MixTransportElement::OpPostProc::OpPostProc ( moab::Interface &  post_proc_mesh,
std::vector< EntityHandle > &  map_gauss_pts 

Definition at line 397 of file MixTransportElement.hpp.

400  "VALUES", UserDataOperator::OPCOL),
401  postProcMesh(post_proc_mesh), mapGaussPts(map_gauss_pts) {}
std::vector< EntityHandle > & mapGaussPts
ForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator UserDataOperator
moab::Interface & postProcMesh

Member Function Documentation

◆ doWork()

MoFEMErrorCode MixTransport::MixTransportElement::OpPostProc::doWork ( int  side,
EntityType  type,
DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData &  data 

Definition at line 402 of file MixTransportElement.hpp.

403  {
405  if (type != MBTET)
407  EntityHandle fe_ent = getNumeredEntFiniteElementPtr()->getEnt();
408  Tag th_error_flux;
409  CHKERR getVolumeFE()->mField.get_moab().tag_get_handle("ERROR_FLUX",
410  th_error_flux);
411  double *error_flux_ptr;
412  CHKERR getVolumeFE()->mField.get_moab().tag_get_by_ptr(
413  th_error_flux, &fe_ent, 1, (const void **)&error_flux_ptr);
415  Tag th_error_div;
416  CHKERR getVolumeFE()->mField.get_moab().tag_get_handle("ERROR_DIV",
417  th_error_div);
418  double *error_div_ptr;
419  CHKERR getVolumeFE()->mField.get_moab().tag_get_by_ptr(
420  th_error_div, &fe_ent, 1, (const void **)&error_div_ptr);
422  Tag th_error_jump;
423  CHKERR getVolumeFE()->mField.get_moab().tag_get_handle("ERROR_JUMP",
424  th_error_jump);
425  double *error_jump_ptr;
426  CHKERR getVolumeFE()->mField.get_moab().tag_get_by_ptr(
427  th_error_jump, &fe_ent, 1, (const void **)&error_jump_ptr);
429  {
430  double def_val = 0;
431  Tag th_error_flux;
432  CHKERR postProcMesh.tag_get_handle(
433  "ERROR_FLUX", 1, MB_TYPE_DOUBLE, th_error_flux,
434  MB_TAG_CREAT | MB_TAG_SPARSE, &def_val);
435  for (vector<EntityHandle>::iterator vit = mapGaussPts.begin();
436  vit != mapGaussPts.end(); vit++) {
437  CHKERR postProcMesh.tag_set_data(th_error_flux, &*vit, 1,
438  error_flux_ptr);
439  }
441  Tag th_error_div;
442  CHKERR postProcMesh.tag_get_handle(
443  "ERROR_DIV", 1, MB_TYPE_DOUBLE, th_error_div,
444  MB_TAG_CREAT | MB_TAG_SPARSE, &def_val);
445  for (vector<EntityHandle>::iterator vit = mapGaussPts.begin();
446  vit != mapGaussPts.end(); vit++) {
447  CHKERR postProcMesh.tag_set_data(th_error_div, &*vit, 1,
448  error_div_ptr);
449  }
451  Tag th_error_jump;
452  CHKERR postProcMesh.tag_get_handle(
453  "ERROR_JUMP", 1, MB_TYPE_DOUBLE, th_error_jump,
454  MB_TAG_CREAT | MB_TAG_SPARSE, &def_val);
455  for (vector<EntityHandle>::iterator vit = mapGaussPts.begin();
456  vit != mapGaussPts.end(); vit++) {
457  CHKERR postProcMesh.tag_set_data(th_error_jump, &*vit, 1,
458  error_jump_ptr);
459  }
460  }
462  }
virtual moab::Interface & get_moab()=0
boost::shared_ptr< const NumeredEntFiniteElement > getNumeredEntFiniteElementPtr() const
Return raw pointer to NumeredEntFiniteElement.
#define MoFEMFunctionReturn(a)
Last executable line of each PETSc function used for error handling. Replaces return()
Definition: definitions.h:476
#define MoFEMFunctionReturnHot(a)
Last executable line of each PETSc function used for error handling. Replaces return()
Definition: definitions.h:507
std::vector< EntityHandle > & mapGaussPts
#define CHKERR
Inline error check.
Definition: definitions.h:595
moab::Interface & postProcMesh
const VolumeElementForcesAndSourcesCore * getVolumeFE()
return pointer to Generic Volume Finite Element object
#define MoFEMFunctionBegin
First executable line of each MoFEM function, used for error handling. Final line of MoFEM functions ...
Definition: definitions.h:406

Member Data Documentation

◆ mapGaussPts

std::vector<EntityHandle>& MixTransport::MixTransportElement::OpPostProc::mapGaussPts

Definition at line 396 of file MixTransportElement.hpp.

◆ postProcMesh

moab::Interface& MixTransport::MixTransportElement::OpPostProc::postProcMesh

Definition at line 395 of file MixTransportElement.hpp.

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