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MixTransport::RegisterMaterials Struct Reference

#include <users_modules/basic_finite_elements/mix_transport/src/MaterialUnsaturatedFlow.hpp>

Public Member Functions

MoFEMErrorCode operator() () const

Static Public Attributes

static map< std::string, CommonMaterialData::RegisterHookmapOfRegistredMaterials

Detailed Description


Definition at line 348 of file MaterialUnsaturatedFlow.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

MoFEMErrorCode MixTransport::RegisterMaterials::operator() ( ) const

Definition at line 351 of file MaterialUnsaturatedFlow.hpp.

351  {
354  mapOfRegistredMaterials["VanGenuchten"] =
357  }
static boost::shared_ptr< CommonMaterialData > createMatPtr(const CommonMaterialData &data)
static boost::shared_ptr< CommonMaterialData > createMatPtr(const CommonMaterialData &data)
#define MoFEMFunctionBeginHot
First executable line of each MoFEM function, used for error handling. Final line of MoFEM functions ...
Definition: definitions.h:501
#define MoFEMFunctionReturnHot(a)
Last executable line of each PETSc function used for error handling. Replaces return()
Definition: definitions.h:508
static map< std::string, CommonMaterialData::RegisterHook > mapOfRegistredMaterials

Member Data Documentation

◆ mapOfRegistredMaterials

map< std::string, CommonMaterialData::RegisterHook > RegisterMaterials::mapOfRegistredMaterials

Definition at line 350 of file MaterialUnsaturatedFlow.hpp.

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