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MoFEM::BlockData Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 BlockData ()

Public Attributes

EntityHandle cubitMeshset
int iD
string addType
string nAme
CubitBC bcType
Mat_Elastic matElastic
Mat_Thermal matThermal
Mat_Interf matInterf
DisplacementCubitBcData dispBc
ForceCubitBcData forceBc
PressureCubitBcData pressureBc
TemperatureCubitBcData temperatureBc
HeatFluxCubitBcData heatFluxBc
CfgCubitBcData cfgBc
std::vector< doubleaTtr

Detailed Description

elasticity.cpp, testing_jacobian_of_hook_element.cpp, and testing_jacobian_of_hook_scaled_with_density_element.cpp.

Definition at line 520 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BlockData()

MoFEM::BlockData::BlockData ( )

Definition at line 543 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

543  : aTtr(10, 0) {
544  std::memcpy(dispBc.data.name, "Displacement", 12);
545  std::memcpy(forceBc.data.name, "Force", 5);
546  std::memcpy(pressureBc.data.name, "Pressure", 8);
547  std::memcpy(temperatureBc.data.name, "Temperature", 11);
548  std::memcpy(heatFluxBc.data.name, "HeatFlux", 8);
549  std::memcpy(cfgBc.data.name, "cfd_bc", 6);
550  }
TemperatureCubitBcData temperatureBc
std::vector< double > aTtr
DisplacementCubitBcData dispBc
PressureCubitBcData pressureBc
CfgCubitBcData cfgBc
ForceCubitBcData forceBc
HeatFluxCubitBcData heatFluxBc

Member Data Documentation

◆ addType

string MoFEM::BlockData::addType

Definition at line 525 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ aTtr

std::vector<double> MoFEM::BlockData::aTtr

Definition at line 542 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ bcType

CubitBC MoFEM::BlockData::bcType

Definition at line 527 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ cfgBc

CfgCubitBcData MoFEM::BlockData::cfgBc

Definition at line 540 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ cubitMeshset

EntityHandle MoFEM::BlockData::cubitMeshset

Definition at line 522 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ dispBc

DisplacementCubitBcData MoFEM::BlockData::dispBc

Definition at line 535 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ forceBc

ForceCubitBcData MoFEM::BlockData::forceBc

Definition at line 536 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ heatFluxBc

HeatFluxCubitBcData MoFEM::BlockData::heatFluxBc

Definition at line 539 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ iD

int MoFEM::BlockData::iD

Definition at line 524 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ matElastic

Mat_Elastic MoFEM::BlockData::matElastic

Definition at line 530 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ matInterf

Mat_Interf MoFEM::BlockData::matInterf

Definition at line 532 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ matThermal

Mat_Thermal MoFEM::BlockData::matThermal

Definition at line 531 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ nAme

string MoFEM::BlockData::nAme

Definition at line 526 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ pressureBc

PressureCubitBcData MoFEM::BlockData::pressureBc

Definition at line 537 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

◆ temperatureBc

TemperatureCubitBcData MoFEM::BlockData::temperatureBc

Definition at line 538 of file MeshsetsManager.cpp.

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