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MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator Struct Reference

default operator for EDGE element More...

#include <src/finite_elements/EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

const EntityHandlegetConn ()
 get element connectivity More...
double getLength ()
 get edge length More...
double getMeasure ()
 get measure of element More...
VectorDoublegetDirection ()
 get edge direction More...
VectorDoublegetCoords ()
 get edge node coordinates More...
MatrixDoublegetCoordsAtGaussPts ()
 get coordinate at integration point More...
auto getFTensor1CoordsAtGaussPts ()
 get coordinates at Gauss pts. More...
MatrixDoublegetTangetAtGaussPts ()
 get tangent vector to edge curve at integration points More...
const EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBasegetEdgeFE ()
 get pointer to this finite element More...
FTensor::Tensor1< double, 3 > getFTensor1Direction ()
FTensor::Tensor1< FTensor::PackPtr< double *, 3 >, 3 > getTensor1Coords ()
 get get coords at gauss points More...
FTensor::Tensor1< FTensor::PackPtr< double *, 3 >, 3 > getFTensor1TangentAtGaussPts ()
template<int SWITCH>
MoFEMErrorCode loopSideFaces (const string &fe_name, FaceElementForcesAndSourcesCoreOnSideSwitch< SWITCH > &fe_side)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::ForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator
 UserDataOperator (const FieldSpace space, const char type=OPLAST, const bool symm=true)
 UserDataOperator (const std::string &field_name, const char type, const bool symm=true)
 UserDataOperator (const std::string &row_field_name, const std::string &col_field_name, const char type, const bool symm=true)
boost::shared_ptr< const NumeredEntFiniteElementgetNumeredEntFiniteElementPtr () const
 Return raw pointer to NumeredEntFiniteElement. More...
EntityHandle getFEEntityHandle () const
 Return finite element entity handle. More...
boost::weak_ptr< SideNumber > getSideNumberPtr (const int side_number, const EntityType type)
 Get the side number pointer. More...
EntityHandle getSideEntity (const int side_number, const EntityType type)
 Get the side entity. More...
int getNumberOfNodesOnElement ()
 Get the number of nodes on finite element. More...
MoFEMErrorCode getProblemRowIndices (const std::string filed_name, const EntityType type, const int side, VectorInt &indices) const
 Get row indices. More...
MoFEMErrorCode getProblemColIndices (const std::string filed_name, const EntityType type, const int side, VectorInt &indices) const
 Get col indices. More...
const FEMethodgetFEMethod () const
 Return raw pointer to Finite Element Method object. More...
int getOpType () const
 Get operator types. More...
void setOpType (const OpType type)
 Set operator type. More...
void addOpType (const OpType type)
 Add operator type. More...
int getNinTheLoop () const
 get number of finite element in the loop More...
int getLoopSize () const
 get size of elements in the loop More...
const std::string & getFEName () const
 Get name of the element. More...
const PetscData::SwitchesgetDataCtx () const
const KspMethod::KSPContext getKSPCtx () const
const SnesMethod::SNESContext getSNESCtx () const
const TSMethod::TSContext getTSCtx () const
Vec getKSPf () const
Mat getKSPA () const
Mat getKSPB () const
Vec getSNESf () const
Vec getSNESx () const
Mat getSNESA () const
Mat getSNESB () const
DEPRECATED Vec getSnesF () const
DEPRECATED Vec getSnesX () const
DEPRECATED Mat getSnesA () const
DEPRECATED Mat getSnesB () const
Vec getTSu () const
Vec getTSu_t () const
Vec getTSu_tt () const
Vec getTSf () const
Mat getTSA () const
Mat getTSB () const
int getTSstep () const
double getTStime () const
double getTSa () const
MatrixDoublegetGaussPts ()
 matrix of integration (Gauss) points for Volume Element More...
auto getFTensor0IntegrationWeight ()
 Get integration weights. More...
DEPRECATED MoFEMErrorCode getPorblemRowIndices (const std::string filed_name, const EntityType type, const int side, VectorInt &indices) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::DataOperator
 DataOperator (const bool symm=true)
virtual ~DataOperator ()=default
virtual MoFEMErrorCode doWork (int row_side, int col_side, EntityType row_type, EntityType col_type, DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData &row_data, DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData &col_data)
 Operator for bi-linear form, usually to calculate values on left hand side. More...
virtual MoFEMErrorCode opLhs (DataForcesAndSourcesCore &row_data, DataForcesAndSourcesCore &col_data)
virtual MoFEMErrorCode doWork (int side, EntityType type, DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData &data)
 Operator for linear form, usually to calculate values on right hand side. More...
virtual MoFEMErrorCode opRhs (DataForcesAndSourcesCore &data, const bool error_if_no_base=false)
bool getSymm () const
 Get if operator uses symmetry of DOFs or not. More...
void setSymm ()
 set if operator is executed taking in account symmetry More...
void unSetSymm ()
 unset if operator is executed for non symmetric problem More...

Protected Member Functions

MoFEMErrorCode setPtrFE (ForcesAndSourcesCore *ptr)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::ForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator
ForcesAndSourcesCoregetPtrFE () const
ForcesAndSourcesCoregetSidePtrFE () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from MoFEM::ForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator
enum  OpType { OPROW = 1 << 0, OPCOL = 1 << 1, OPROWCOL = 1 << 2, OPLAST = 1 << 3 }
 Controls loop over entities on element. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::ForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator
char opType
std::string rowFieldName
std::string colFieldName
FieldSpace sPace
- Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::DataOperator
bool sYmm
 If true assume that matrix is symmetric structure. More...
std::array< bool, MBMAXTYPE > doEntities
 If true operator is executed for entity. More...
 \deprectaed If false skip vertices More...
 \deprectaed If false skip edges More...
 \deprectaed More...
 \deprectaed More...
 \deprectaed More...
 \deprectaed More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from MoFEM::ForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator

Detailed Description

default operator for EDGE element

continuity_check_on_skeleton_with_simple_2d.cpp, forces_and_sources_testing_edge_element.cpp, hcurl_divergence_operator_2d.cpp, heat_equation.hpp, helmholtz.cpp, lesson3_poisson.cpp, lesson6_radiation.cpp, lesson7_plastic.cpp, lesson8_contact.cpp, and wave_equation.hpp.

Definition at line 52 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getConn()

const EntityHandle * MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::getConn ( )

get element connectivity

Definition at line 236 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.

236  {
237  return static_cast<EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase *>(ptrFE)->cOnn;
238 }

◆ getCoords()

VectorDouble & MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::getCoords ( )

get edge node coordinates

Definition at line 254 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.

254  {
255  return static_cast<EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase *>(ptrFE)->cOords;
256 }

◆ getCoordsAtGaussPts()

MatrixDouble & MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::getCoordsAtGaussPts ( )

get coordinate at integration point

Definition at line 259 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.

259  {
260  return static_cast<EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase *>(ptrFE)
261  ->coordsAtGaussPts;
262 }

◆ getDirection()

VectorDouble & MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::getDirection ( )

get edge direction

Definition at line 249 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.

249  {
250  return static_cast<EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase *>(ptrFE)->dIrection;
251 }

◆ getEdgeFE()

const EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase * MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::getEdgeFE ( )

get pointer to this finite element

Definition at line 278 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.

278  {
279  return static_cast<EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase *>(ptrFE);
280 }

◆ getFTensor1CoordsAtGaussPts()

auto MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::getFTensor1CoordsAtGaussPts ( )

get coordinates at Gauss pts.

Definition at line 265 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.

265  {
266  double *ptr = &*getCoordsAtGaussPts().data().begin();
267  return FTensor::Tensor1<FTensor::PackPtr<double *, 3>, 3>(ptr, &ptr[1],
268  &ptr[2]);
269 }
MatrixDouble & getCoordsAtGaussPts()
get coordinate at integration point

◆ getFTensor1Direction()

FTensor::Tensor1< double, 3 > MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::getFTensor1Direction ( )

◆ getFTensor1TangentAtGaussPts()

FTensor::Tensor1< FTensor::PackPtr< double *, 3 >, 3 > MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::getFTensor1TangentAtGaussPts ( )

Definition at line 297 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.

297  {
298  double *ptr = &*getTangetAtGaussPts().data().begin();
299  return FTensor::Tensor1<FTensor::PackPtr<double *, 3>, 3>(ptr, &ptr[1],
300  &ptr[2]);
301 }
MatrixDouble & getTangetAtGaussPts()
get tangent vector to edge curve at integration points

◆ getLength()

double MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::getLength ( )

get edge length

Definition at line 240 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.

240  {
241  return static_cast<EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase *>(ptrFE)->lEngth;
242 }

◆ getMeasure()

double MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::getMeasure ( )

get measure of element

length of face

Definition at line 244 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.

◆ getTangetAtGaussPts()

MatrixDouble & MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::getTangetAtGaussPts ( )

get tangent vector to edge curve at integration points

Definition at line 272 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.

272  {
273  return static_cast<EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase *>(ptrFE)
274  ->tangentAtGaussPts;
275 }

◆ getTensor1Coords()

FTensor::Tensor1< FTensor::PackPtr< double *, 3 >, 3 > MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::getTensor1Coords ( )

get get coords at gauss points

auto t_center;
auto t_coords = getTensor1Coords();
t_center(i) = 0;
for(int nn = 0;nn!=2;nn++) {
t_center(i) += t_coords(i);
t_center(i) /= 2;

Definition at line 289 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.

289  {
290  double *ptr = &*getCoords().data().begin();
291  return FTensor::Tensor1<FTensor::PackPtr<double *, 3>, 3>(ptr, &ptr[1],
292  &ptr[2]);
293 }

◆ loopSideFaces()

template<int SWITCH>
MoFEMErrorCode MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::loopSideFaces ( const string &  fe_name,
FaceElementForcesAndSourcesCoreOnSideSwitch< SWITCH > &  fe_side 

Definition at line 305 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.hpp.

307  {
308  return loopSide(fe_name, &fe_side, 2);
309 }
MoFEMErrorCode loopSide(const string &fe_name, ForcesAndSourcesCore *side_fe, const size_t dim, const EntityHandle ent_for_side=0)
User call this function to loop over elements on the side of face. This function calls finite element...

◆ setPtrFE()

MoFEMErrorCode MoFEM::EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase::UserDataOperator::setPtrFE ( ForcesAndSourcesCore ptr)

Reimplemented from MoFEM::ForcesAndSourcesCore::UserDataOperator.

Definition at line 163 of file EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCore.cpp.

164  {
166  if (!(ptrFE = dynamic_cast<EdgeElementForcesAndSourcesCoreBase *>(ptr)))
168  "User operator and finite element do not work together");
170 }
#define MoFEMFunctionBeginHot
First executable line of each MoFEM function, used for error handling. Final line of MoFEM functions ...
Definition: definitions.h:509
#define MoFEMFunctionReturnHot(a)
Last executable line of each PETSc function used for error handling. Replaces return()
Definition: definitions.h:516

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