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MoFEM::NumeredDofEntity_part_and_all_indices_change Struct Reference

#include <src/multi_indices/DofsMultiIndices.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 NumeredDofEntity_part_and_all_indices_change (const unsigned int part, const DofIdx mofem_idx, const DofIdx petsc_gloabl_dof_idx, const DofIdx petsc_local_dof_idx)
void operator() (boost::shared_ptr< NumeredDofEntity > &dof) const

Public Attributes

const unsigned int pArt
const DofIdx mofemIdx
const DofIdx petscGloablDofIdx
const DofIdx petscLocalDofIdx

Detailed Description

Change part and mofem/pestc global and local index (multi-index modifier)

Definition at line 843 of file DofsMultiIndices.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NumeredDofEntity_part_and_all_indices_change()

MoFEM::NumeredDofEntity_part_and_all_indices_change::NumeredDofEntity_part_and_all_indices_change ( const unsigned int  part,
const DofIdx  mofem_idx,
const DofIdx  petsc_gloabl_dof_idx,
const DofIdx  petsc_local_dof_idx 

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

void MoFEM::NumeredDofEntity_part_and_all_indices_change::operator() ( boost::shared_ptr< NumeredDofEntity > &  dof) const

Definition at line 854 of file DofsMultiIndices.hpp.

854  {
855  dof->pArt = pArt;
856  dof->dofIdx = mofemIdx;
857  dof->petscGloablDofIdx = petscGloablDofIdx;
858  dof->petscLocalDofIdx = petscLocalDofIdx;
859  }

Member Data Documentation

◆ mofemIdx

const DofIdx MoFEM::NumeredDofEntity_part_and_all_indices_change::mofemIdx

Definition at line 845 of file DofsMultiIndices.hpp.

◆ pArt

const unsigned int MoFEM::NumeredDofEntity_part_and_all_indices_change::pArt

Definition at line 844 of file DofsMultiIndices.hpp.

◆ petscGloablDofIdx

const DofIdx MoFEM::NumeredDofEntity_part_and_all_indices_change::petscGloablDofIdx

Definition at line 846 of file DofsMultiIndices.hpp.

◆ petscLocalDofIdx

const DofIdx MoFEM::NumeredDofEntity_part_and_all_indices_change::petscLocalDofIdx

Definition at line 847 of file DofsMultiIndices.hpp.

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