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MoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp > Member List

This is the complete list of members for MoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >, including all inherited members.

aSsemble(EntData &row_data, EntData &col_data, const bool trans)MoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protectedvirtual
aSsemble(EntData &data)MoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protectedvirtual
assembleTransposeMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protected
colSideMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protected
colTypeMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protected
doWork(int row_side, int col_side, EntityType row_type, EntityType col_type, EntData &row_data, EntData &col_data)MoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >
doWork(int row_side, EntityType row_type, EntData &row_data)MoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >
EntData typedefMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >
entsPtrMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >
feScalingFunMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >
getLocMat(const int rr)MoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >inlineprotected
getNf()MoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >inlineprotected
iNtegrate(EntData &row_data, EntData &col_data)MoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >inlineprotectedvirtual
iNtegrate(EntData &data)MoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >inlineprotectedvirtual
locFMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protected
locMatMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protected
locMatTransposeMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protected
nbColsMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protected
nbIntegrationPtsMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protected
nbRowBaseFunctionsMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protected
nbRowsMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protected
onlyTransposeMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protected
OpBaseImpl(const std::string row_field_name, const std::string col_field_name, const OpType type, boost::shared_ptr< Range > ents_ptr=nullptr)MoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >inline
OpType typedefMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >
rowSideMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protected
rowTypeMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >protected
timeScalingFunMoFEM::OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >