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MoFEM::OpSetHoCovariantPiolaTransform Struct Reference

Apply covariant (Piola) transfer to Hcurl space for HO geometry. More...

#include <src/finite_elements/DataOperators.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 OpSetHoCovariantPiolaTransform (MatrixDouble &inv_jac)
MoFEMErrorCode doWork (int side, EntityType type, DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData &data)
 Operator for linear form, usually to calculate values on right hand side. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::DataOperator
 DataOperator (const bool symm=true, const bool do_vertices=true, const bool do_edges=true, const bool do_quads=true, const bool do_tris=true, const bool do_tets=true, const bool do_prisms=true)
virtual ~DataOperator ()
virtual MoFEMErrorCode doWork (int row_side, int col_side, EntityType row_type, EntityType col_type, DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData &row_data, DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData &col_data)
 Operator for bi-linear form, usually to calculate values on left hand side. More...
virtual MoFEMErrorCode opLhs (DataForcesAndSourcesCore &row_data, DataForcesAndSourcesCore &col_data, bool symm=true)
virtual MoFEMErrorCode opLhs (DataForcesAndSourcesCore &row_data, DataForcesAndSourcesCore &col_data)
virtual MoFEMErrorCode opRhs (DataForcesAndSourcesCore &data, const bool do_vertices, const bool do_edges, const bool do_quads, const bool do_tris, const bool do_tets, const bool do_prisms, const bool error_if_no_base=true)
virtual MoFEMErrorCode opRhs (DataForcesAndSourcesCore &data, const bool error_if_no_base=true)
bool getSymm () const
 Get if operator uses symmetry of DOFs or not. More...
void setSymm ()
 set if operator is executed taking in account symmetry More...
void unSetSymm ()
 unset if operator is executed for non symmetric problem More...

Public Attributes

FTensor::Index< 'i', 3 > i
FTensor::Index< 'j', 3 > j
FTensor::Index< 'k', 3 > k
MatrixDouble piolaN
MatrixDouble piolaDiffN
- Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::DataOperator
bool sYmm
 If true assume that matrix is symmetric structure. More...
bool doVertices
 If false skip vertices. More...
bool doEdges
 If false skip edges. More...
bool doQuads
bool doTris
bool doTets
bool doPrisms

Detailed Description

Apply covariant (Piola) transfer to Hcurl space for HO geometry.

Definition at line 262 of file DataOperators.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OpSetHoCovariantPiolaTransform()

MoFEM::OpSetHoCovariantPiolaTransform::OpSetHoCovariantPiolaTransform ( MatrixDouble inv_jac)

Definition at line 269 of file DataOperators.hpp.

269 : hoInvJac(inv_jac) {}

Member Function Documentation

◆ doWork()

MoFEMErrorCode MoFEM::OpSetHoCovariantPiolaTransform::doWork ( int  side,
EntityType  type,
DataForcesAndSourcesCore::EntData data 

Operator for linear form, usually to calculate values on right hand side.

Reimplemented from MoFEM::DataOperator.

Definition at line 1067 of file DataOperators.cpp.

1068  {
1071  if (type != MBEDGE && type != MBTRI && type != MBTET)
1074  for (int b = AINSWORTH_LEGENDRE_BASE; b != LASTBASE; b++) {
1076  FieldApproximationBase base = static_cast<FieldApproximationBase>(b);
1078  unsigned int nb_gauss_pts = data.getN(base).size1();
1079  unsigned int nb_base_functions = data.getN(base).size2() / 3;
1080  piolaN.resize(nb_gauss_pts, data.getN(base).size2(), false);
1081  piolaDiffN.resize(nb_gauss_pts, data.getDiffN(base).size2(), false);
1083  auto t_n = data.getFTensor1N<3>(base);
1084  double *t_transformed_n_ptr = &*piolaN.data().begin();
1086  t_transformed_n_ptr, // HVEC0
1087  &t_transformed_n_ptr[HVEC1], &t_transformed_n_ptr[HVEC2]);
1088  auto t_diff_n = data.getFTensor2DiffN<3, 3>(base);
1089  double *t_transformed_diff_n_ptr = &*piolaDiffN.data().begin();
1090  FTensor::Tensor2<FTensor::PackPtr<double *, 9>, 3, 3> t_transformed_diff_n(
1091  t_transformed_diff_n_ptr, &t_transformed_diff_n_ptr[HVEC0_1],
1092  &t_transformed_diff_n_ptr[HVEC0_2], &t_transformed_diff_n_ptr[HVEC1_0],
1093  &t_transformed_diff_n_ptr[HVEC1_1], &t_transformed_diff_n_ptr[HVEC1_2],
1094  &t_transformed_diff_n_ptr[HVEC2_0], &t_transformed_diff_n_ptr[HVEC2_1],
1095  &t_transformed_diff_n_ptr[HVEC2_2]);
1097  double *t_inv_jac_ptr = &*hoInvJac.data().begin();
1099  t_inv_jac_ptr, &t_inv_jac_ptr[1], &t_inv_jac_ptr[2], &t_inv_jac_ptr[3],
1100  &t_inv_jac_ptr[4], &t_inv_jac_ptr[5], &t_inv_jac_ptr[6],
1101  &t_inv_jac_ptr[7], &t_inv_jac_ptr[8], 9);
1103  for (unsigned int gg = 0; gg != nb_gauss_pts; ++gg) {
1104  for (unsigned int bb = 0; bb != nb_base_functions; ++bb) {
1105  t_transformed_n(i) = t_inv_jac(k, i) * t_n(k);
1106  t_transformed_diff_n(i, k) = t_inv_jac(j, i) * t_diff_n(j, k);
1107  ++t_n;
1108  ++t_transformed_n;
1109  ++t_diff_n;
1110  ++t_transformed_diff_n;
1111  }
1112  ++t_inv_jac;
1113  }
1115  data.getN(base).data().swap(piolaN.data());
1116  data.getDiffN(base).data().swap(piolaDiffN.data());
1117  }
1120 }
#define MoFEMFunctionReturn(a)
Last executable line of each PETSc function used for error handling. Replaces return()
Definition: definitions.h:477
#define MoFEMFunctionReturnHot(a)
Last executable line of each PETSc function used for error handling. Replaces return()
Definition: definitions.h:508
approximation base
Definition: definitions.h:143
Ainsworth Cole (Legendre) approx. base .
Definition: definitions.h:145
#define MoFEMFunctionBegin
First executable line of each MoFEM function, used for error handling. Final line of MoFEM functions ...
Definition: definitions.h:407

Member Data Documentation

◆ hoInvJac

MatrixDouble& MoFEM::OpSetHoCovariantPiolaTransform::hoInvJac

Definition at line 264 of file DataOperators.hpp.

◆ i

FTensor::Index<'i', 3> MoFEM::OpSetHoCovariantPiolaTransform::i

Definition at line 265 of file DataOperators.hpp.

◆ j

FTensor::Index<'j', 3> MoFEM::OpSetHoCovariantPiolaTransform::j

Definition at line 266 of file DataOperators.hpp.

◆ k

FTensor::Index<'k', 3> MoFEM::OpSetHoCovariantPiolaTransform::k

Definition at line 267 of file DataOperators.hpp.

◆ piolaDiffN

MatrixDouble MoFEM::OpSetHoCovariantPiolaTransform::piolaDiffN

Definition at line 272 of file DataOperators.hpp.

◆ piolaN

MatrixDouble MoFEM::OpSetHoCovariantPiolaTransform::piolaN

Definition at line 271 of file DataOperators.hpp.

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