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MoFEM::SideNumber Struct Reference

keeps information about side number for the finite element More...

#include <src/multi_indices/RefEntsMultiIndices.hpp>

Public Member Functions

EntityType getEntType () const
int getEntDimension () const
const char * getEntTypeName () const
 SideNumber (EntityHandle ent, int side_number, int sense, int offset)

Public Attributes

EntityHandle ent
signed char side_number
signed char sense
signed char offset
signed char brother_side_number

Detailed Description

keeps information about side number for the finite element

Definition at line 70 of file RefEntsMultiIndices.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SideNumber()

MoFEM::SideNumber::SideNumber ( EntityHandle  ent,
int  side_number,
int  sense,
int  offset 

Member Function Documentation

◆ getEntDimension()

int MoFEM::SideNumber::getEntDimension ( ) const

Definition at line 81 of file RefEntsMultiIndices.hpp.

81 {
82 return moab::CN::Dimension(getEntType());
83 }
EntityType getEntType() const

◆ getEntType()

EntityType MoFEM::SideNumber::getEntType ( ) const

Definition at line 77 of file RefEntsMultiIndices.hpp.

77 {
78 return static_cast<EntityType>((ent & MB_TYPE_MASK) >> MB_ID_WIDTH);
79 }
#define MB_ID_WIDTH
Definition: definitions.h:240
#define MB_TYPE_MASK
Definition: definitions.h:241

◆ getEntTypeName()

const char * MoFEM::SideNumber::getEntTypeName ( ) const

Definition at line 85 of file RefEntsMultiIndices.hpp.

85 {
86 return moab::CN::EntityTypeName(getEntType());
87 }

Member Data Documentation

◆ brother_side_number

signed char MoFEM::SideNumber::brother_side_number

Definition at line 75 of file RefEntsMultiIndices.hpp.

◆ ent

EntityHandle MoFEM::SideNumber::ent

Definition at line 71 of file RefEntsMultiIndices.hpp.

◆ offset

signed char MoFEM::SideNumber::offset

Definition at line 74 of file RefEntsMultiIndices.hpp.

◆ sense

signed char MoFEM::SideNumber::sense

Definition at line 73 of file RefEntsMultiIndices.hpp.

◆ side_number

signed char MoFEM::SideNumber::side_number

Definition at line 72 of file RefEntsMultiIndices.hpp.

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