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MoFEM::interface_FieldImpl< FIELD, REFENT > Struct Template Reference

Pointer interface for MoFEM::Field. More...

#include <src/multi_indices/FieldMultiIndices.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for MoFEM::interface_FieldImpl< FIELD, REFENT >:
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Public Types

using interface_type_RefEntity = interface_RefEntity< REFENT >

Public Member Functions

 interface_FieldImpl (const boost::shared_ptr< FIELD > &field_ptr, const boost::shared_ptr< REFENT > &ref_ents_ptr)
virtual ~interface_FieldImpl ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoFEM::interface_RefEntity< REFENT >
 interface_RefEntity (const boost::shared_ptr< REFENT > &sptr)
 interface_RefEntity (const interface_RefEntity< REFENT > &interface)
virtual ~interface_RefEntity ()=default
int getSideNumber () const
boost::shared_ptr< SideNumbergetSideNumberPtr () const
const boost::shared_ptr< BasicEntityDatagetBasicDataPtr () const
EntityHandle getEnt () const
EntityType getParentEntType () const
EntityHandle getParentEnt () const
BitRefLevelgetBitRefLevelPtr () const
const BitRefLevelgetBitRefLevel () const
unsigned long int getBitRefLevelULong () const
EntityType getEntType () const
int getEntDimension () const
const char * getEntTypeName () const
EntityID getEntId () const
EntityHandle getOwnerEnt () const
EntityHandlegetOwnerEnt ()
int getOwnerProc () const
int getPartProc () const
int * getPartProcPtr () const
unsigned char getPStatus () const
int * getSharingProcsPtr () const
EntityHandlegetSharingHandlersPtr () const
boost::shared_ptr< REFENT > & getRefEntityPtr () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from MoFEM::interface_RefEntity< REFENT >
boost::shared_ptr< REFENT > sPtr

Detailed Description

template<typename FIELD, typename REFENT>
struct MoFEM::interface_FieldImpl< FIELD, REFENT >

Pointer interface for MoFEM::Field.

MoFEM::Field class is keeps data and methods. This class is interface to that class, and all other classes, like MoFEMEntities, DofEntity and derived form them inherits pointer interface, not MoFEM::Field class directly.

Definition at line 290 of file FieldMultiIndices.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ interface_type_RefEntity

template<typename FIELD , typename REFENT >
using MoFEM::interface_FieldImpl< FIELD, REFENT >::interface_type_RefEntity = interface_RefEntity<REFENT>

Definition at line 292 of file FieldMultiIndices.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ interface_FieldImpl()

template<typename FIELD , typename REFENT >
MoFEM::interface_FieldImpl< FIELD, REFENT >::interface_FieldImpl ( const boost::shared_ptr< FIELD > &  field_ptr,
const boost::shared_ptr< REFENT > &  ref_ents_ptr 

Definition at line 294 of file FieldMultiIndices.hpp.

296 : interface_RefEntity<REFENT>(ref_ents_ptr) {}

◆ ~interface_FieldImpl()

template<typename FIELD , typename REFENT >
virtual MoFEM::interface_FieldImpl< FIELD, REFENT >::~interface_FieldImpl ( )

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