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OpElasticTools::OpSchurPreconditionMassContact< TYPE > Struct Template Reference

#include <users_modules/multifield_plasticity/src/ElasticOperators.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 OpSchurPreconditionMassContact (const std::string row_field_name, const std::string col_field_name, ScalarFun beta, boost::shared_ptr< CommonData > common_data_ptr)
MoFEMErrorCode aSsemble (EntData &row_data, EntData &col_data, const bool trans)

Private Attributes

boost::shared_ptr< CommonDatacommonDataPtr

Detailed Description

template<typename TYPE>
struct OpElasticTools::OpSchurPreconditionMassContact< TYPE >

Definition at line 1173 of file ElasticOperators.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OpSchurPreconditionMassContact()

template<typename TYPE >
OpElasticTools::OpSchurPreconditionMassContact< TYPE >::OpSchurPreconditionMassContact ( const std::string  row_field_name,
const std::string  col_field_name,
ScalarFun  beta,
boost::shared_ptr< CommonData common_data_ptr 

Definition at line 1174 of file ElasticOperators.hpp.

1177 : TYPE(row_field_name, col_field_name, beta),
1178 commonDataPtr(common_data_ptr) {}

Member Function Documentation

◆ aSsemble()

template<typename TYPE >
MoFEMErrorCode OpElasticTools::OpSchurPreconditionMassContact< TYPE >::aSsemble ( EntData row_data,
EntData col_data,
const bool  trans 

Definition at line 1180 of file ElasticOperators.hpp.

1181 {
1183 commonDataPtr->massMatTensor = this->locMat;
1185 }
#define MoFEMFunctionReturnHot(a)
Last executable line of each PETSc function used for error handling. Replaces return()
Definition: definitions.h:447
#define MoFEMFunctionBeginHot
First executable line of each MoFEM function, used for error handling. Final line of MoFEM functions ...
Definition: definitions.h:440

Member Data Documentation

◆ commonDataPtr

template<typename TYPE >
boost::shared_ptr<CommonData> OpElasticTools::OpSchurPreconditionMassContact< TYPE >::commonDataPtr

Definition at line 1188 of file ElasticOperators.hpp.

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