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Topology optimization module

This is topology optimization module based on this paper implemented in MoFEM. (under developement)


Install topology optimization module in your MoFEM build

Go to your source users modules

cd $MOFEM_INSTALL_DIR/users_modules/users_modules/
git clone https://karol41@bitbucket.org/karol41/mofem_um_topology_optimization.git topology_optimization
cd ..
touch CMakeCache.txt
make -j 2
cd topology_optimization

Check before run

  • Check where is your mesh file

Model generation

To create a model for topology optimisation, simply generate a mesh with loading (units does not matter). In the optional mesh blocks called "DENSITY_" the user can define parts of the mesh that will always be preserved (Dirichlet BC).

Example use: small problem

./topology_op -my_file cantilever1.cub \
-my_order 2 \
-optimize 1 -nb_iter 50 \
-penalty 3 -young 1e3 -poisson 0.1 -move 0.2 \
-volume_frac 0.35 -lambda 0.35 | tee log

Example use: Large problem with mesh partitioning

$MOFEM_INSTALL_DIR/users_modules/tools/mofem_part -my_file my_topo_test_mesh.cub -my_nparts 6 && mpirun -np 6 \
./topology_op -my_file out.h5m \
-stop_crit 1e-2 -nb_iter 40 -my_order 2 -penalty 5 \
-young 1e3 -poisson 0.1 -move 0.2 -volume_frac 0.35 -lambda 0.01 \
-is_partitioned | tee log


-my_file #path to the mesh file
-my_order #order of approximation
-nb_iter #maximum number of iterations
-young #youngs modulus (optional)
-order_rho #order of approximation on density (optional)
-poisson #poisson ratio
-move # move limit for stability
-volume_frac #constrained volume fraction
-lambda #smoothing coefficient
-stop_crit #stop tolerance when (change) < stop_crit (optional)
-Lmin #minimum bisection Langrange multiplier (optional)
-Lmax #maximum bisection Langrange multiplier (optional)
-my_max_post_proc_ref_level 1 #level of density postprocessing (order)

Produce output files for Paraview:

for file in out_*h5m; do if [ ! -f ${file%h5m}vtk ]; then mbconvert $file ${file%h5m}vtk; fi ; done

Default parameters are:

-ksp_atol 1e-10
-ksp_rtol 1e-10
-ksp_type fgmres
-pc_type lu
-pc_factor_mat_solver_package mumps
-optimize 1
-mat_mumps_icntl_14 800
-mat_mumps_icntl_24 1
-mat_mumps_icntl_13 1
-mat_mumps_icntl_14 800
-mat_mumps_icntl_24 1
-mat_mumps_icntl_13 1;