Being a good citizen

Be a good MoFEM citizen

  • MoFEM is an open community of users and developers.
  • MoFEM is a team work. Don't be focussed only on your project. Your improvements can help others; others developments will help you.
  • MoFEM is not own by anyone; you become owner proportionally to your contribution.
  • If you find a bug, or you think that documentation can be improved, you are strongly encouraged to contribute.
  • If you have idea how to improve MoFEM library, f.e. some functions names are not clear or new functionality can be added, propose that on our mailing forum mofem-group@googlegroups.com or discussion channel https://mofem.slack.com/
  • If you like to start to contribute, writing a usage documentation could be the good start. See Writing documentation.