Bug List
File build_problems.cpp
Not verifying what if partitioned mesh is loaded.
Class CohesiveElement::CohesiveInterfaceElement
Interface element not working with HO geometry.
Member MoFEM::CoreTmp< 0 >::add_field (const std::string &name, const FieldSpace space, const FieldApproximationBase base, const FieldCoefficientsNumber nb_coefficients, const TagType tag_type=MB_TAG_SPARSE, const enum MoFEMTypes bh=MF_EXCL, int verb=DEFAULT_VERBOSITY)
Need to resolve problem of dense tags at this stage of development will make only problems
Class MoFEM::FieldSeries

Fix member functions names. Not follow naming convention.

Member functions not documented

Class MoFEM::FieldSeriesStep
Fix member functions names. Not follow namining convention.
Member MoFEM::ForcesAndSourcesCore::getRule (int order_row, int order_col, int order_data)
this function should be const
Class MoFEM::MeshRefinement

Not working on partitioned meshes

Need to be implemented as a stand alone interface not as a part of core structure which should be only basic database

If outsourced, class member functions should follow name convention

Spelling mistakes will be corrected with names fix to follow name convetion

Class MoFEM::SeriesRecorder
fix names of this interface to follow naming convention
Member MoFEM::TetGenInterface::makePolygonFacet (Range &ents, Range &polygons, bool reduce_edges=false, Range *not_reducable_nodes=NULL, const double eps=1e-9, Tag th=NULL)
assumes that are no holes