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1 #ifndef GM_RULE_H_
2 #define GM_RULE_H_
4 void comp_next ( int n, int k, int a[], int *more, int *h, int *t );
5 void gm_rule_set ( int rule, int dim_num, int point_num, double w[],
6  double x[] );
7 int gm_rule_size ( int rule, int dim_num );
8 int i4_choose ( int n, int k );
9 int i4_huge ( void );
10 int i4_max ( int i1, int i2 );
11 int i4_min ( int i1, int i2 );
12 int i4_power ( int i, int j );
13 double *monomial_value ( int dim_num, int point_num, double x[], int expon[] );
14 double r8_abs ( double x );
15 double r8_factorial ( int n );
16 double r8vec_dot ( int n, double a1[], double a2[] );
17 double *r8vec_uniform_01 ( int n, int *seed );
18 double simplex_unit_monomial_int ( int dim_num, int expon[] );
19 double simplex_unit_monomial_quadrature ( int dim_num, int expon[],
20  int point_num, double x[], double w[] );
21 double *simplex_unit_sample ( int dim_num, int n, int *seed );
22 double *simplex_unit_to_general ( int dim_num, int point_num, double t[],
23  double ref[] );
24 double simplex_unit_volume ( int dim_num );
25 void timestamp ( void );
27 #endif
int i4_power(int i, int j)
Definition: gm_rule.c:541
double r8_abs(double x)
Definition: gm_rule.c:689
int i4_choose(int n, int k)
Definition: gm_rule.c:353
int gm_rule_size(int rule, int dim_num)
Definition: gm_rule.c:294
double r8_factorial(int n)
Definition: gm_rule.c:730
double simplex_unit_volume(int dim_num)
Definition: gm_rule.c:1224
void comp_next(int n, int k, int a[], int *more, int *h, int *t)
Definition: gm_rule.c:10
double * simplex_unit_sample(int dim_num, int n, int *seed)
Definition: gm_rule.c:1052
void timestamp(void)
Definition: gm_rule.c:1268
int i4_min(int i1, int i2)
Definition: gm_rule.c:500
double simplex_unit_monomial_quadrature(int dim_num, int expon[], int point_num, double x[], double w[])
Definition: gm_rule.c:986
FTensor::Index< 'n', 2 > n
Definition: PlasticOps.hpp:68
int i4_max(int i1, int i2)
Definition: gm_rule.c:459
double simplex_unit_monomial_int(int dim_num, int expon[])
Definition: gm_rule.c:918
constexpr double a2
void gm_rule_set(int rule, int dim_num, int point_num, double w[], double x[])
Definition: gm_rule.c:152
double r8vec_dot(int n, double a1[], double a2[])
FTensor::Index< 'k', 2 > k
Definition: ContactOps.hpp:28
double * simplex_unit_to_general(int dim_num, int point_num, double t[], double ref[])
Definition: gm_rule.c:1137
double * monomial_value(int dim_num, int point_num, double x[], int expon[])
Definition: gm_rule.c:619
FTensor::Index< 'j', 2 > j
Definition: ContactOps.hpp:27
double * r8vec_uniform_01(int n, int *seed)
constexpr double a1
int i4_huge(void)
Definition: gm_rule.c:428
double w(const double g, const double t)
Definition: ContactOps.hpp:160
FTensor::Index< 'i', 2 > i
[Common data]
Definition: ContactOps.hpp:26