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MeshProjectionDataOperators.hpp File Reference

Mesh projection operators. More...

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struct  MoFEM::OpRunParent
 Operator to execute finite element instance on parent element. This operator is typically used to project field from parent to child, or vice versa. It enables to evaluate filed data of parent entity on chile entity integration points. More...
struct  MoFEM::OpAddParentEntData
 Operator to project base functions from parent entity to child. More...
struct  MoFEM::ParentFiniteElementAdjacencyFunction< DIM >
 Create adjacency to parent elements. More...
struct  MoFEM::ParentFiniteElementAdjacencyFunctionSkeleton< DIM >
 Create adjacency to parent skeleton elements. More...


 implementation of Data Operators for Forces and Sources

Detailed Description

Mesh projection operators.

Definition in file MeshProjectionDataOperators.hpp.