Running code


RUN-1: Using Gmsh

Meshing with Gmsh
Keywords: meshing

RUN-2: Using Salome

Meshing with Salome
Keywords: meshing

Running code in Google Colab

COLAB-1: Poisson problem

Google Colab
Keywords: SCL-1 tutorial, Poisson's problem

COLAB-2: Helmholtz problem

Google Colab
Keywords: CLX-0 tutorial, Helmholtz peoblem

COLAB-3: Multifield plasticity

Google Colab
Keywords: ADV-0 tutorial, Multifield plasticity

COLAB-4: Thermo plasticity

Google Colab
Keywords: ADV-2 tutorial, Multifield thermo-plasticity

Running code in Jupyter notebook

JUP-1: Tuning fork

Jupyter notebook
Keywords: VEC-1 tutorial, eigen analysis

JUP-2: Radiation boundary conditions

Jupyter notebook
Keywords: SCL-8 tutorial, time solver, nonlinear problem

JUP-3: Elastoplastic plate

Jupyter notebook
Keywords: ADV-0 tutorial, plasticity

JUP-4: Dam example

Jupyter notebook
Keywords: Time solver, nonlinear

Running code in terminal

This section shows some examples for the end-user, how to execute programs.
RUN-3: Nonlinear Elasticity

Keywords: Time solver, elasticity, dynamics

RUN-4: unsaturated_flow

Unsaturated flow in 2d
Keywords: Time solver, soil, capillary forces

RUN-5: Fracture Mechanics (Usage Examples)

Fracture mechanics
Keywords: Fracture, configurational mechanics

RUN-6: um_topology_optimization_readme

Topology optimization
Keywords: topology optimization, optimality criteria, anisotropic filtering

RUN-7: Bone remodelling module

Bone remodelling
Keywords: bone, nonlinear elasticity