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 Base functions
 Calculation of base functions at integration points.
 Forces and sources
 Manages complexities related to assembly of vector and matrices at single finite element level.
 Managing BitRefLevels.
 Comm intrface
 Comm interface.
 Interface to mesh cut mesh.
 Field Basic Algebra
 Basic algebraic operation on fields.
 Field Evaluator
 Evaluate field at the point.
 Data structure for adding and managing fields.
 Get entities and adjacencies
 Get adjacencies/entities for given BitRefLevel (mesh refinement)
 Finite elements
 Adding and managing finite elements.
 Adding and managing problems.
 Manages complexities for integrating over finite elements and dofs.
 Pointers to multi-indices
 Get direct access to multi-indices in database.
 Index sets (IS)
 Construct index sets for MoFEM problems.
 Log manager.
 Matrix Manager
 Creating and managing matrices.
 Reading and writing med files
 Interface for reading and writing med files.
 Interface for meshsets with entities with data and boundary conditions.
 Node merger interface.
 PipelineManager interface
 Implementation of basic interface for rapid problem implementation.
 Create prism interface between faces.
 Adding and managing problems.
 Recording and reading series
 Simple interface
 Implementation of simple interface for fast problem set-up.
 TetGen interface
 Interface to run TetGen.
 Tools interface
 Interface for tools.
 Vectors (Vec)
 Creating and scattering vectors on the mesh for given problem.
 Boundary conditions
 Coordinate system of tensor field
 Dofs structures and multi-indices
 Finite elements structures and multi-indices
 Entities structures and multi-indices
 Problems structures and multi-indices
 Series structures and multi-indices
 Interface used to record fields and play them back (for example response of structure subjected to earthquake)
 PETSc solvers
 PETSc solvers.
 Distributed mesh manager
 Implementation of PETSc DM, managing interactions between mesh data structures and vectors and matrices.


struct  MoFEM::BitLevelCoupler
 Interface set parent for vertices, edges, triangles and tetrahedrons.FIXME: Not tested, slow, bugs. More...
struct  MoFEM::CoreTmp< 0 >::WrapMPIComm
struct  MoFEM::CoreTmp< 0 >
 Core (interface) class. More...
struct  MoFEM::CoreInterface
 InterfaceThis interface is used by user to:
struct  MoFEM::PrismsFromSurfaceInterface
 merge node from two bit levels More...
struct  MoFEM::MOFEMuuid
 MoFEM interface unique ID. More...
struct  MoFEM::UnknownInterface::UIdTypeMap
struct  MoFEM::UnknownInterface::HashMOFEMuuid
struct  MoFEM::UnknownInterface
 base class for all interface classes More...

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