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clipper.hpp File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <list>
#include <set>
#include <stdexcept>
#include <cstring>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <ostream>
#include <functional>
#include <queue>

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struct  ClipperLib::IntPoint
struct  ClipperLib::DoublePoint
class  ClipperLib::PolyNode
class  ClipperLib::PolyTree
struct  ClipperLib::IntRect
class  ClipperLib::ClipperBase
class  ClipperLib::Clipper
class  ClipperLib::ClipperOffset
class  ClipperLib::clipperException




#define CLIPPER_VERSION   "6.2.6"
#define use_lines


typedef signed long long ClipperLib::cInt
typedef signed long long ClipperLib::long64
typedef unsigned long long ClipperLib::ulong64
typedef std::vector< IntPoint > ClipperLib::Path
typedef std::vector< Path > ClipperLib::Paths
typedef std::vector< PolyNode * > ClipperLib::PolyNodes
typedef std::vector< OutRec * > ClipperLib::PolyOutList
typedef std::vector< TEdge * > ClipperLib::EdgeList
typedef std::vector< Join * > ClipperLib::JoinList
typedef std::vector< IntersectNode * > ClipperLib::IntersectList


enum  ClipperLib::ClipType { ClipperLib::ctIntersection, ClipperLib::ctUnion, ClipperLib::ctDifference, ClipperLib::ctXor }
enum  ClipperLib::PolyType { ClipperLib::ptSubject, ClipperLib::ptClip }
enum  ClipperLib::PolyFillType { ClipperLib::pftEvenOdd, ClipperLib::pftNonZero, ClipperLib::pftPositive, ClipperLib::pftNegative }
enum  ClipperLib::InitOptions { ClipperLib::ioReverseSolution = 1, ClipperLib::ioStrictlySimple = 2, ClipperLib::ioPreserveCollinear = 4 }
enum  ClipperLib::JoinType { ClipperLib::jtSquare, ClipperLib::jtRound, ClipperLib::jtMiter }
enum  ClipperLib::EndType {
  ClipperLib::etClosedPolygon, ClipperLib::etClosedLine, ClipperLib::etOpenButt, ClipperLib::etOpenSquare,
enum  ClipperLib::EdgeSide { ClipperLib::esLeft = 1, ClipperLib::esRight = 2 }


Path & ClipperLib::operator<< (Path &poly, const IntPoint &p)
Paths & ClipperLib::operator<< (Paths &polys, const Path &p)
std::ostream & ClipperLib::operator<< (std::ostream &s, const IntPoint &p)
std::ostream & ClipperLib::operator<< (std::ostream &s, const Path &p)
std::ostream & ClipperLib::operator<< (std::ostream &s, const Paths &p)
bool ClipperLib::Orientation (const Path &poly)
double ClipperLib::Area (const Path &poly)
int ClipperLib::PointInPolygon (const IntPoint &pt, const Path &path)
void ClipperLib::SimplifyPolygon (const Path &in_poly, Paths &out_polys, PolyFillType fillType=pftEvenOdd)
void ClipperLib::SimplifyPolygons (const Paths &in_polys, Paths &out_polys, PolyFillType fillType=pftEvenOdd)
void ClipperLib::SimplifyPolygons (Paths &polys, PolyFillType fillType=pftEvenOdd)
void ClipperLib::CleanPolygon (const Path &in_poly, Path &out_poly, double distance=1.415)
void ClipperLib::CleanPolygon (Path &poly, double distance=1.415)
void ClipperLib::CleanPolygons (const Paths &in_polys, Paths &out_polys, double distance=1.415)
void ClipperLib::CleanPolygons (Paths &polys, double distance=1.415)
void ClipperLib::MinkowskiSum (const Path &pattern, const Path &path, Paths &solution, bool pathIsClosed)
void ClipperLib::MinkowskiSum (const Path &pattern, const Paths &paths, Paths &solution, bool pathIsClosed)
void ClipperLib::MinkowskiDiff (const Path &poly1, const Path &poly2, Paths &solution)
void ClipperLib::PolyTreeToPaths (const PolyTree &polytree, Paths &paths)
void ClipperLib::ClosedPathsFromPolyTree (const PolyTree &polytree, Paths &paths)
void ClipperLib::OpenPathsFromPolyTree (PolyTree &polytree, Paths &paths)
void ClipperLib::ReversePath (Path &p)
void ClipperLib::ReversePaths (Paths &p)


static const cInt ClipperLib::loRange = 0x3FFFFFFF
static const cInt ClipperLib::hiRange = 0x3FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFLL

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#define CLIPPER_VERSION   "6.2.6"

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#define use_lines

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