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 Base functionsCalculation of base functions at integration points
 Forces and sourcesManages complexities related to assembly of vector and matrices at single finite element level
 Edge ElementImplementation of edge element
 Face ElementImplementation of face element
 Prism Element
 User data operatorUsers data structures and operator
 Vertex ElementFinite element and operators for vertex entity
 Volume ElementImplementation of general volume element
 BitRefManagerManaging BitRefLevels
 Comm intrfaceComm interface
 CutMeshInterfaceInterface to mesh cut mesh
 Field Basic AlgebraBasic algebraic operation on fields
 Field EvaluatorEvaluate field at the point
 FieldsData structure for adding and managing fields
 Get entities and adjacenciesGet adjacencies/entities for given BitRefLevel (mesh refinement)
 Finite elementsAdding and managing finite elements
 ProblemsAdding and managing problems
 LoopsManages complexities for integrating over finite elements and dofs
 Pointers to multi-indicesGet direct access to multi-indices in database
 Index sets (IS)Construct index sets for MoFEM problems
 Mofem_log_managerLog manager
 Matrix ManagerCreating and managing matrices
 Reading and writing med filesInterface for reading and writing med files
 MeshsetsManagerInterface for meshsets with entities with data and boundary conditions
 NodeMergerNode merger interface
 PipelineManager interfaceImplementation of basic interface for rapid problem implementation
 PrismInterfaceCreate prism interface between faces
 ProblemsManagerAdding and managing problems
 Recording and reading series
 Simple interfaceImplementation of simple interface for fast problem set-up
 TetGen interfaceInterface to run TetGen
 Tools interfaceInterface for tools
 Vectors (Vec)Creating and scattering vectors on the mesh for given problem
 Boundary conditions
 Coordinate system of tensor field
 Dofs structures and multi-indices
 Entities structures and multi-indices
 Finite elements structures and multi-indices
 Problems structures and multi-indices
 Series structures and multi-indicesInterface used to record fields and play them back (for example response of structure subjected to earthquake)
 Distributed mesh managerImplementation of PETSc DM, managing interactions between mesh data structures and vectors and matrices
 Solver context structuresContext structures for KSP solver
 Tensor template libraryEfficient Template Tensor library
 MeshRefinementRefine mesh by splitting edges
 User modules
 Mix transport element
 Arc-Length control
 Body forces elements
 Constrain Projection Matrix
 Mass Element
 Dirichlet boundary conditions
 NonLinear Elastic Element
 Post Process
 Pressure and force boundary
 Thermal element
 Bone remodelingBone remodeling module
 Gel model
 Helmholtz element
 Nitsche Method
 Minimal surface area
 Moisture element
 Optimal mass transportImplementation of optimal mass transport using mix element
 Small Strain Plasticity
 Solid Shell Prism Element