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MoFEM::FormsIntegrators< EleOp >::Assembly< A > Struct Template Reference

Assembly methods. More...

#include <src/finite_elements/FormsIntegrators.hpp>


struct  BiLinearForm
 Bi linear form. More...
struct  LinearForm
 Linear form. More...
struct  TriLinearForm
 Tri linear form. More...

Public Types

using OpBase = OpBaseImpl< A, EleOp >

Detailed Description

template<typename EleOp>
template<AssemblyType A>
struct MoFEM::FormsIntegrators< EleOp >::Assembly< A >

Assembly methods.

Template Parameters
approx_sphere.cpp, child_and_parent.cpp, dg_projection.cpp, dynamic_first_order_con_law.cpp, eigen_elastic.cpp, EshelbianPlasticity.cpp, free_surface.cpp, hanging_node_approx.cpp, hcurl_check_approx_in_2d.cpp, heat_equation.cpp, heat_method.cpp, helmholtz.cpp, higher_derivatives.cpp, level_set.cpp, mixed_poisson.cpp, operators_tests.cpp, phase.cpp, photon_diffusion.cpp, plastic.cpp, plate.cpp, poisson_2d_homogeneous.cpp, scalar_check_approximation.cpp, schur_test_diag_mat.cpp, seepage.cpp, shallow_wave.cpp, tensor_divergence_operator.cpp, thermo_elastic.cpp, and wave_equation.cpp.

Definition at line 310 of file FormsIntegrators.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ OpBase

template<typename EleOp >
template<AssemblyType A>
using MoFEM::FormsIntegrators< EleOp >::Assembly< A >::OpBase = OpBaseImpl<A, EleOp>

Definition at line 312 of file FormsIntegrators.hpp.

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