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MoFEM is an open source (MIT License) C++ finite element library. It is capable of dealing with complex multi-physics problems with arbitrary levels of approximation and refinement. MoFEM can read various input file formats, and work with preprocessors like Gmsh, Salome, Cubit, and more. MoFEM can be used for parallel processing on desktop computers and high-performance clusters. Its modular structure allows for development of open modules and private sensitive projects. It is designed to suit both researchers developing computer methods and engineers solving industrial problems. Why MoFEM section offers an introduction to features and applications, Installation provides instructions on getting started, while recorded lectures and hands-on tutorials are available in Videos. Developer explains the design philosophy and contains tutorials on how to implement a range of problems.

Twitter @mofemjoseph, LinkedIn MoFEM-Community, YouTube MoFEM-Channel, and Mastodon @mofem@fosstodon.org.