Step by step tutorial for MoFEM developers. We explain here how to implement general problem on particular examples.

Simple interface

Hierarchical approximation

Introduces the reader to the basic concepts of finite element approach using Hierarchical basis functions.

Hello world

Introduces user to basic ideas of user operator and MoFEM::Simple interface and implementation of finite element with users data operators.

The Poisson equation and difussion problems

The Poisson equation is solved using MoFEM::Simple interface. The generic procedure is applied to one of the simples PDEs. In order to make the problem instructional, essential boundary conditions are enforced by Lagrange multipliers.

Tutorial focusses attention on implementation of finite element user operators, setting integration rule and using Tensor template library.

Example of implementation of nonlinear Poisson equation using SNES (Newton) solver

Using PCFIELDSPLIT pre-conditioner to solve problem with Lagrange multipliers

Implementation of Fisher's reaction-diffusion equation

Solid elasticity problems

Introduction to fundamental MoFEM functionalities and capabilities by solving a simple linear elastic problem.

Tutorial for mixed formulation of incompressible elasticity problem

Tutorial for the implementation of Winkler spring elements

Core interface

Nonlinear problem

Minimal surface area (soap film on the wire): Tutorial showing step by step implementation of nonlinear problem. It presents how to set up the problem from scratch, calculate matrices and solve the problem using MoFEM and PETSc

Mix formulation and h-adaptivity

This example shows how to solve transport problem using mix element with an independent approximation for fluxes and function values. Also, it shows how to integrate over mesh skeleton to evaluate error and how to use a posterior error estimator to drive mesh adaptivity (h-adaptivity).

In this tutorial, we show how to solve time dependent nonlinear problem using mix formulation applied to unsaturated water transport in heterogeneous soil.