atom test build problem

/** \file build_large_problem.cpp
\example build_large_problem.cpp
\brief Atom test for building problems
\bug Not verifying what if partitioned mesh is loaded.
/* This file is part of MoFEM.
* MoFEM is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
* the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your
* option) any later version.
* MoFEM is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
* License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with MoFEM. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. */
#include <MoFEM.hpp>
using namespace MoFEM;
static char help[] = "...\n\n";
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
MoFEM::Core::Initialize(&argc, &argv, (char *)0, help);
try {
moab::Core mb_instance;
moab::Interface &moab = mb_instance;
int rank;
MPI_Comm_rank(PETSC_COMM_WORLD, &rank);
PetscBool flg = PETSC_TRUE;
char mesh_file_name[255];
#if PETSC_VERSION_GE(3, 6, 4)
CHKERR PetscOptionsGetString(PETSC_NULL, "", "-my_file", mesh_file_name,
255, &flg);
CHKERR PetscOptionsGetString(PETSC_NULL, PETSC_NULL, "-my_file",
mesh_file_name, 255, &flg);
if (flg != PETSC_TRUE) {
CHKERR moab.load_file(mesh_file_name, 0, "");
// Create MoFEM database
MoFEM::Core core(moab);
MoFEM::Interface &m_field = core;
// set entities bit level
BitRefLevel bit_level0;
CHKERR m_field.getInterface<BitRefManager>()->setBitRefLevelByDim(
0, 3, bit_level0);
// Fields
// meshset consisting all entities in mesh
EntityHandle root_set = moab.get_root_set();
// add entities to field
CHKERR m_field.add_ents_to_field_by_dim(root_set, 3, "F1", VERBOSE);
CHKERR m_field.add_ents_to_field_by_dim(root_set, 3, "F2", VERBOSE);
// set app. order
// see Hierarchic Finite Element Bases on Unstructured Tetrahedral Meshes
// (Mark Ainsworth & Joe Coyle)
int order = 2;
CHKERR m_field.set_field_order(root_set, MBTET, "F1", order - 1);
CHKERR m_field.set_field_order(root_set, MBHEX, "F1", order - 1);
CHKERR m_field.set_field_order(root_set, MBTET, "F2", order);
CHKERR m_field.set_field_order(root_set, MBTRI, "F2", order);
CHKERR m_field.set_field_order(root_set, MBHEX, "F2", order);
CHKERR m_field.set_field_order(root_set, MBQUAD, "F2", order);
CHKERR m_field.build_fields();
// add elements
CHKERR m_field.add_finite_element("E1");
CHKERR m_field.add_finite_element("E2");
CHKERR m_field.add_finite_element("E3");
// To build composite problem
CHKERR m_field.add_ents_to_finite_element_by_type(root_set, MBTET, "E1");
CHKERR m_field.add_ents_to_finite_element_by_type(root_set, MBTET, "E2");
CHKERR m_field.add_ents_to_finite_element_by_type(root_set, MBTET, "E3");
CHKERR m_field.add_ents_to_finite_element_by_type(root_set, MBHEX, "E1");
CHKERR m_field.add_ents_to_finite_element_by_type(root_set, MBHEX, "E2");
CHKERR m_field.add_ents_to_finite_element_by_type(root_set, MBHEX, "E3");
CHKERR m_field.build_adjacencies(bit_level0);
// Problems
CHKERR m_field.add_problem("P1");
CHKERR m_field.add_problem("P2");
// set refinement level for problem
CHKERR m_field.modify_problem_ref_level_add_bit("P1", bit_level0);
CHKERR m_field.modify_problem_ref_level_add_bit("P2", bit_level0);
// build problems
ProblemsManager *prb_mng_ptr;
CHKERR m_field.getInterface(prb_mng_ptr);
CHKERR prb_mng_ptr->buildProblem("P1", true);
CHKERR prb_mng_ptr->buildProblem("P2", true);
CHKERR prb_mng_ptr->partitionProblem("P1");
CHKERR prb_mng_ptr->partitionProblem("P2");
CHKERR prb_mng_ptr->partitionFiniteElements("P1");
CHKERR prb_mng_ptr->partitionGhostDofs("P1");
CHKERR m_field.getInterface<MatrixManager>()
->checkMPIAIJWithArraysMatrixFillIn<PetscGlobalIdx_mi_tag>("P1", -1, -1,
CHKERR prb_mng_ptr->partitionFiniteElements("P2");
CHKERR prb_mng_ptr->partitionGhostDofs("P2");
CHKERR m_field.getInterface<MatrixManager>()
->checkMPIAIJWithArraysMatrixFillIn<PetscGlobalIdx_mi_tag>("P2", -1, -1,
// compose problem
CHKERR m_field.add_problem("P3");
CHKERR m_field.modify_problem_ref_level_add_bit("P3", bit_level0);
CHKERR prb_mng_ptr->buildProblem("P3", false);
CHKERR prb_mng_ptr->inheritPartition("P3", "P1", false, "P2", true);
CHKERR prb_mng_ptr->partitionFiniteElements("P3");
CHKERR prb_mng_ptr->partitionGhostDofs("P3");
CHKERR m_field.getInterface<MatrixManager>()
->checkMPIAIJWithArraysMatrixFillIn<PetscGlobalIdx_mi_tag>("P3", -1, -1,
// finish work cleaning memory, getting statistics, etc.
return 0;
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
static char help[]
Definition: definitions.h:222
Catch errors.
Definition: definitions.h:385
Ainsworth Cole (Legendre) approx. base .
Definition: definitions.h:73
Definition: definitions.h:79
@ L2
field with C-1 continuity
Definition: definitions.h:101
field with continuous normal traction
Definition: definitions.h:100
#define CHKERR
Inline error check.
Definition: definitions.h:548
virtual MoFEMErrorCode modify_finite_element_add_field_row(const std::string &fe_name, const std::string &name_row)=0
set field row which finite element use
virtual MoFEMErrorCode add_finite_element(const std::string &fe_name, enum MoFEMTypes bh=MF_EXCL, int verb=DEFAULT_VERBOSITY)=0
add finite element
virtual MoFEMErrorCode build_finite_elements(int verb=DEFAULT_VERBOSITY)=0
Build finite elements.
virtual MoFEMErrorCode add_ents_to_finite_element_by_type(const EntityHandle entities, const EntityType type, const std::string &name, const bool recursive=true)=0
add entities to finite element
virtual MoFEMErrorCode modify_finite_element_add_field_col(const std::string &fe_name, const std::string &name_row)=0
set field col which finite element use
virtual MoFEMErrorCode build_fields(int verb=DEFAULT_VERBOSITY)=0
virtual MoFEMErrorCode add_ents_to_field_by_dim(const Range &ents, const int dim, const std::string &name, int verb=DEFAULT_VERBOSITY)=0
Add entities to field meshset.
virtual MoFEMErrorCode set_field_order(const EntityHandle meshset, const EntityType type, const std::string &name, const ApproximationOrder order, int verb=DEFAULT_VERBOSITY)=0
Set order approximation of the entities in the field.
virtual MoFEMErrorCode modify_problem_add_finite_element(const std::string &name_problem, const std::string &fe_name)=0
add finite element to problem, this add entities assigned to finite element to a particular problem
virtual MoFEMErrorCode add_problem(const std::string &name, enum MoFEMTypes bh=MF_EXCL, int verb=DEFAULT_VERBOSITY)=0
Add problem.
virtual MoFEMErrorCode modify_problem_ref_level_add_bit(const std::string &name_problem, const BitRefLevel &bit)=0
add ref level to problem
char mesh_file_name[255]
std::bitset< BITREFLEVEL_SIZE > BitRefLevel
Bit structure attached to each entity identifying to what mesh entity is attached.
Definition: Types.hpp:51
implementation of Data Operators for Forces and Sources
Definition: Common.hpp:21
CoreTmp< 0 > Core
Definition: Core.hpp:1096
PetscErrorCode PetscOptionsGetString(PetscOptions *, const char pre[], const char name[], char str[], size_t size, PetscBool *set)
DeprecatedCoreInterface Interface
Definition: Interface.hpp:1965
virtual MoFEMErrorCode build_adjacencies(const Range &ents, int verb=DEFAULT_VERBOSITY)=0
build adjacencies
virtual MoFEMErrorCode add_field(const std::string &name, const FieldSpace space, const FieldApproximationBase base, const FieldCoefficientsNumber nb_of_coefficients, const TagType tag_type=MB_TAG_SPARSE, const enum MoFEMTypes bh=MF_EXCL, int verb=DEFAULT_VERBOSITY)=0
Add field.
Core (interface) class.
Definition: Core.hpp:92
static MoFEMErrorCode Initialize(int *argc, char ***args, const char file[], const char help[])
Initializes the MoFEM database PETSc, MOAB and MPI.
Definition: Core.cpp:85
static MoFEMErrorCode Finalize()
Checks for options to be called at the conclusion of the program.
Definition: Core.cpp:125
Deprecated interface functions.
MoFEMErrorCode getInterface(IFACE *&iface) const
Get interface refernce to pointer of interface.