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Users modules

MoFEM library itself is designed to be small, modular and extendable. Itself it is not a library of finite elements for solving particular problems of continuum mechanics, e.g. problem of thermal conduction. That is implemented in users modules using MoFEM. User module in principle is an independent project, located in a stand-alone repository, which can be public or private. It can have its own copyright and license. Such flexibility, allowing for privacy and different licensing parts of the code, is designed for needs both of academics and industry. Such code structure enables privacy of users modules, yet enables an industry and academics to contribute to open and free core library, without the need of code branching (which is often the case for industrial versions of open codes).

You can see more documents, data sets, presentations, conference abstract related to users modules in Zenodo library.

List of user modules

User module Useful links
Basic finite elements
Basic finite element library. Required by most of the other modules.
Fracture mechanics
Fracture mechanics using configurational mechanics approach.
Bone remodelling
Bone remodelling module using open-system thermodynamics approach. CT scan data mapping tool.
Solid shell element
Solid shell element user module.
Minimal surface area
Example user module for calculating minimal surface area.
User module for gel materials.
User module for computational homogenisation.
Cell engineering
User module for cell force traction microscopy.
Phase-field fracture
Phase-field approach for brittle fracture.
Topology optimisation
Topology optimisation using Solid Isotropic Material with Penalization (SIMP) method.
Small strain plasticity
Small strain plasticity using automatic differentiation.
Contact mechanics
User module for mortar contact approach.
Tribological applications: contact between solids with rough surfaces and associated multi-physical problems
User module for chemo_mech and Unsaturated flow in 2D
Under developement
Von Mises plasticity
Von Mises plasticity using return mapping algorithm.
Eshelbian plasticity
Eshelbian plasticity module.
Data-driven elements
Data-driven elements module.
No longer supported
Acoustic wave
User module for solving Helmholtz equation.
Obsolete Obsolete elements and methods used by some modules, no longer developed.